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    Ripping a DVD for editing

    Thanks for the clarification, Brendon and John. I did miss which forum we were in. So, the next suggestion is to rename your .VOB files to .MPG. My recollection is that they're the same format, and VideoWave should accept them. -- Dave
  2. d_deweywright

    Ripping a DVD for editing

    To start with, you can go to the VIDEO_TS folder on your DVD and copy off the .VOB files to your computers HD. I believe VideoWave will accept .VOB video files. If your DVD has a menu, and you don't have the original project to start with, then you'll have to recreate that from scratch, I don't believe there's any way to "import" a menu from a DVD into a VideoWave project. And once you're done, you'll have to re-render the new DVD to include the changes. If you had the original files, and the original project to work from, that would probably be the easiest way to make your changes. Lastly, since Creator NXT 8 was just recently released, I'd guess you're not running version 14.0, maybe 4? -- Dave D-W
  3. d_deweywright

    Trying To Run Ecdc 5 In Windows 7

    I'm quite sure that ECDC 5 ran without a problem on Windows 2000. (I only reluctantly moved from 2000 to XP at the time.) But I think ECDC 5.1 might have required XP. Vague memories at this point, and quite possibly incorrect. Now I'm going to have to check and see if I have a bootable TakeTwo recovery disc this weekend.
  4. Have to say I'm still using Creator 2012 in Windows 10 x64 too.
  5. d_deweywright

    Removing a couple of minutes from a video

    ...And if you like to use the "trim" option, you put your video segment in, trim it to end at the start of the part you want to delete. Then add the same segment of video in the next panel, and trim it so that it starts at the end of the part you want to delete. It does the same thing bimicher suggested, only using the trim tool. And since you said you have two of these segments, you'll probably want to trim the end of the second panel so that it ends at the beginning of the second part you want to delete. Then add your video into a third frame, and trim it to start at the end of the second segment you're deleting. Hope that helps! Dave D-W
  6. d_deweywright

    Aspect changes

    Knightrider, I'd like to know too how you got the video from your camcorder to your hard drive. Being that all the clips are from the same device, it's hard to figure why it would make some letterbox, and others widescreen. And for your project, did you select widescreen (16:9) or letterbox (4:3) when you started the project? Thanks, Dave D-W
  7. d_deweywright

    Aspect changes

    The fairly obvious first question is, are your scenes a mix of 4:3 and 16:9? If so, I'm assuming that your 4:3 scenes show up with black bars on the sides? Again, if your scenes are a mix of aspect ratios, how would you expect the 4:3 scenes to display? Next, question, what are you capturing from? VHS? Different devices? We need more details about your source material. Thanks! Dave D-W
  8. d_deweywright

    sound issues when copying videotape to file

    You should still be able to do the compression, but I'm saying that if the .MPG file format sounds good (try a small segment first to verify), capture to that first. Then you can do the compression/conversion to another format in a second step. You'll use up extra space initially, but you won't waste time having to recapture it if the conversion step messes things up.
  9. d_deweywright


    When you started your McCarthy Family project, did you select the widescreen format? If not, you won't have any HD options for the output format. HD options only show up when your project is started with the widescreen option. In answer to your likely next question, no, you can't "convert it" to a widescreen project. You have to start from scratch. Hope that helps! -- Dave D-W
  10. d_deweywright

    sound issues when copying videotape to file

    It's been awhile since I've used VHS to DVD. When you do the capture, what is the original file format? My recollection is that it was .MPG? You say you changed it to .WMV. I have a vague recollection of VHS to DVD doing the capture into it's original file format, and then converting it (which takes the extra time). Do you still have the original capture file, or just the .WMV? If you have the original file, how is the sound on that? And if you don't, try recapturing using the default file format, even just a short segment, and see how that sounds. My inclination is that you want to let it keep the original, default file format. Once that's done, then you can play with converting to another file format. -- Dave D-W
  11. You are indeed in the right place. And I suspect the version of VHS to DVD I have did not have the "Compatible with Windows 10" claim on the package. At this point, we need someone else who has used this product more recently than I have to jump in and help you out. Thanks for the link, it does indeed say that it should work with Windows 10. One thought... with the capture device plugged into your computer, and everything powered up, go into Device Manager and delete the entry for the capture device, now unplug the device and leave it unplugged. Now uninstall VHS to DVD. Reboot your PC, making sure the capture device is NOT plugged in. Reinstall VHS to DVD. Now plug the capture device into the USB port. If you had originally plugged the device into your computer before installing VHS to DVD, Windows may have installed a driver that was the wrong driver. This should get things cleaned up, and maybe make it work. Good luck! Dave D-W
  12. Hi Vautour. It's been a long time since I've used Easy VHS to DVD, but I seem to remember that I had to boot into Window 7 to get it to work. I think there is a driver issue with Windows 10 so that it doesn't work. Hopefully someone else can tell you for certain.
  13. d_deweywright

    "unsupported format" when adding .MP3

    Hermie, if all James has available at some location to play music is an Audio CD player, then that's a perfectly valid reason to make an Audio CD. Agreed, you don't "get anything back" from the compression, but if that's the format he needs/wants, I say, "write away." I still have a vehicle that has an Audio CD player. It doesn't play MP3 discs. At home, I also have an Audio CD changer. Again, it doesn't support data/MP3 discs. (But since it holds 300 CDs...) So, just like printed photos, it's a valid media.
  14. d_deweywright

    Toast 17 can't read v15 disk files & vice versa

    Historically, Roxio, and Adaptec before them, did not concern themselves with being backwards compatible, at least with their Creator application. Most releases were not compatible with the prior release build files. The ability to open such files with subsequent versions always fell on deaf ears.
  15. d_deweywright

    Large File problem

    I haven't used NXT5 much recently, preferring an older version, Creator 2012. I don't recall what components it has now, but I think it has a much reduced version of MyDVD, which is what I would have used for compressing the video to DL size. Hopefully Brendan will come back with a better answer using VC&C. And I agree, compressed to a DL disc should look significantly better than compressed to fit on a single-layer disc.
  16. d_deweywright

    Large File problem

    Is there any consideration of splitting the original video file into 2 or 3 pieces? Two would fit easily onto two DL discs. Three should fit onto 3 single layer DVDs.
  17. d_deweywright

    Dragging many songs to the content area

    Yes, I agree, you should be able to do your cross fading to an Audio CD. Without explicit knowledge otherwise, one can't assume what someone else knows or has done in the past.
  18. d_deweywright

    Dragging many songs to the content area

    I'm not a Toast user, but there's a difference between an Audio CD and an MP3 CD. The format of the data on the disc is completely different. With an Audio CD, the format of the data is essentially a .WAV format, and the cross-fade option actually overlaps the music, and creates a new location for the start of the Track, and you can fit about 80 minutes of music on such a disc, and the tracks have a definite "order" when the disc is played. (Not that you can't use "shuffle" play, but you'll always here the overlap from the "previous" song in the original play order.) An MP3 CD is a Data CD with MP3 files. You don't identify the order of playback when you create such a disc, and you can fit many hours of music onto the disc. You should be able to create an Audio CD using MP3 files, at which point, the MP3 files are decompressed into the .WAV format, and again, the Audio CD is created with an anticipated playback order. Not sure if that helps or not?
  19. I'm not an ISOBuster expert. From your screen shot, you can see that there were problems reading that one section of the disc, so it created multiple .VOB files. And it appears there was one section that it finally couldn't read without error (with the red icon). So, you'll have to look at the contents of the .VOB files it recovered. If you make a copy of those files, and rename them from .VOB to .MPG, they should load and play okay in VideoWave. But after saying that, I don't think VideoWave is part of the Red Box version of Easy CD and DVD Burning? If it is, then you'll have to take all the segments recovered by ISO Buster and remaster the DVD. If not, you'll need some more software. I'm hoping someone else may join in this conversation.
  20. By, "Easy Media Center 10 Suite", do you mean "Windows Media Center 10"? And when you say, copy, what are you copying from? Is this ballgame already on a DVD disc? If so, can you copy what's on the DVD to your hard drive without a problem? If so, then try writing from what you copied to your HD to another disc and see if that works. If it doesn't copy properly, you may need to use a disc recovery/copy application like ISO Buster, or something similar. Or is the ball game already on your hard drive, and you're trying to write from the Hard Drive to a DVD disc? If so, then I would suggest you try again and make sure there is no dirt/dust/scratches on the new disc. Let us know.
  21. d_deweywright

    Capture Problem

    lilredsquirrel, if you read question 3 a little more carefully, you may realize that "Nope" isn't an appropriate answer, unless in fact you're not using outputs from the front or the back of the VCR. Maybe your VCR has outputs on the side? But you do need to use one set of outputs from your VCR, which ones are you using? Have you tried different tapes? If not, please do so. If yes, have you seen any different results from tape to tape? One particular tape may have a lower recorded signal (or one that has degraded farther) than another. Trying different tapes will help determine if the problem lies with the tape, or the VCR.
  22. d_deweywright

    Non-Readeable Bluray

    I don't have an answer for you, unfortunately. Anecdotally, I had a SONY combo DVD/VHS unit, fairly good unit, and the DVD section was very particular about reading burned DVDs. It was fine with commercially produced discs. At the same time, I also had an inexpensive Magnavox DVD player ($25) that would play pretty much any disc I put in it. It sounds like you've properly authored your discs, so I'd also suggest trying a different brand or two of blank. Memorex discs are often considered a low-end brand for blanks. Verbatim is considered a good brand, as is JVC/Taiyo-Yuden. A different brand of blank may make the SONY happy, or it may not. As much as we'd like to think digital media is universally writable/readable, that's not the case, and finding the right combination of writer/media/reader can be a challenge.
  23. d_deweywright

    Mix Cds With Crossfades Burning Blank Tracks Near End

    Thanks for letting us know where you're at with this. Memorex CD-R discs don't have a good reputation for quality, nor do most store/generic brands. Since your .SD2F file plays silence on those particular tracks, however, we can't accuse the discs of being the problem at this point. As the .SD2F file seems to be a good way to check for the problem, I'd start by making a copy of your project, and deleting everything up to a couple of tracks before the problem(s) start. Save that as a .SD2F, and see if the problem still exists. Then continue deleting tracks/crossfades 1 at a time, and seeing if there's some point at which everything after that starts working properly. Hopefully someone else will have a better approach.
  24. d_deweywright

    Mix Cds With Crossfades Burning Blank Tracks Near End

    To me, the terms "mix CD", "crossfade", and "tracks" imply an audio CD. But, I could be wrong. Let's see what we hear back from "B."
  25. d_deweywright

    Mix Cds With Crossfades Burning Blank Tracks Near End

    Actually, if it's an actual audio CD, there is no "compressed format." Even if they start out with a lower sample rate, and fewer bits-per-sample, they get "up-converted" when written to an audio CD. So they have to be short, roughly 1 1/2 minute tracks.