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  1. Unfortunately, Roxio has never "looked back" when coming out with new versions. ECDC 4 couldn't open .CL3 files. ECDC 5 could briefly open .CL4 files, but that went away with one of the updates... and so on. Your best bet is if you created Jewel Cases for these discs and still have the .JWL files, which may open in Label Creator, or ECDC 5 coexists just fine with EMC 7/7.5 so you could reload that to open the files.


    Hope that helps!

  2. Now THAT"S funny :) .Wish I had thought of that.He looks pretty lazy too though.

    If you use Opera as your browser, right-click on the page, then select "Reload every->" and select your time. Usually if you post something though, you have to re-enable the refresh.

  3. Well I haven't seen any official prices, but I'm sure once they become mass market they won't be anywhere near that.... although I remember paying $700 for a 1x Sony CD-ROM drive back when they were new on the market....

    Hmm... my first HP 2X burner was $1200. But my question is, what is "1X" on a blu-ray disc in terms of Bytes/Second? Same as a DVD? Or is "1X" 25GB per hour in the same vein that 1X on a DVD is 4.7GB per hour?

  4. I don't listen to music like I did when I was in my 30s. :) But I like to listen to something when I hike or use the treadmill. I didn't want to spend alot of money plus I have a requirement for my digital gadgets. I like them to use standard batteries like AAA or AA so I can repalce them easily. They make propietary batteries for only one reason - money! They're a pain to replace assuming you can find one and cost too much. Even my digital cameras use regular batteries. This alone eliminates ALOT of players when shopping.

    Anymore, I get most of my music listening in at my desk at work, so, my PC is my MP3 player. When I'm on the Nordic Trak, I have an old PC I set up next to it just for playing MP3s, so it has most of my collection on it, with a set of wired headphones. I also have a "magazine stand" set up so I can get through my magazines while working out. With the music and the reading, I can keep myself reasonably distracted so I don't think about the "work-out" part too much, and can put in 20-30 minutes without getting bored. (Quite often I'll be winding down when a good song comes on, and I'll stick it out through that song.)

  5. Thanks for your response -- it made me wonder if DRM wasn't a red herring. I looked at the file properties (32 kbps, 4-bit sample size, sample rate 8 kHz). These are probably not supported by ECM 7.5. I couldn't do anything in ECM to change these. So I burned a CD using Nero, and ripped it (using either Nero Express 6 or Roxio) with the settings you suggested.


    My conclusion is that I will always need to burn all the recorder files to CD first java script:emoticon(':)', 'smid_6')

    :huh:, using Nero, then do whatever I want after I've copied the tracks from the CD. Is that what you meant by copying the files? Thanks!

    Well, you're right, to some extent. EMC 7.5 doesn't support that format. I believe it will suppport 8-bit samples, but not 4-bit, which is very low fidelity. I'm not sure about 8KHz, I'm sure it will go down to 11.025Khz sampling.


    You could try downloading the GoldWave audio editor, and converting your files using that. That would avoid the step of going to CD first, since it should be able to convert them directly on your HD.


    Hope that helps!

  6. As a follow-up I did a quick erase to the CD after the above. Then I tried to burn an appendable CD from Creator Classic and hit the burn button. This started the process but the CD was ejected saying to put in a blank CD. Then I immediately tried to burn a read-only CD again and the process started fine and then gave me the same unknown error again. :)

    If I recall correctly, that "Unknown error" is telling you that one of the songs you've got in your list is "missing". If this is a "saved" project, go back and rebuild it. It sounds like you may have moved or deleted one of the files it's looking for, and for Music CD projects, it doesn't verify the existence of the files before starting the burn.


    Hope that helps!

  7. I'm trying to burn an mp3 disk on Creator 7. I can't get it to burn the random playlist I setup.

    I have a folder of music files that I randomized, when I drag it to the playlist it sorts them in alphabetical order...every time. How can I turn off this "alphabetical order" switch?

    Nero does the same thing.


    A "playlist" is a separate file, listing the songs and the order to play them in. It has a .M3U extension, and some, but not all MP3 players will use it. The song files themselves, will be alphabetized by the operating system, regardless of the actual order they get written to the disc, and that is how most players that don't recognize or use the actual "Playlist" will play them. So, don't confuse your collection of song files, with the .M3U "Playlist" file. It's the operating system that dictates how the files get displayed.


    If you want your song files to show up in a particular order, (possibly the same order that you list them in the playlist file) then you'll need to alphabetize them. The easiest way is to prefix them with a 3 digit (use leading zeroes) number, ie. 001 song1.mp3; 002 song2.mp3, etc. If you don't use the leading zeros, you'll get things like this: 1 song1.mp3, 10 song10.mp3, 11 song11.mp3... 2 song2.mp3, 20 song20.mp3.... and so on.


    Hope that helps!

  8. I have my music stored as jwl files which only lists the album titles but I have to open the file to see the contents. If it is possible I would like to index my collection by track titles so I can search for duplicate song titles by different artists or all tracks by the same artist. I don't think this is possible in Easy CD Creator 5. Will I have to copy my entire file to another program in order to do this and do you know of any programs which might provide this ability.

    What you're looking for is more of a database application for tracking your music. I don't know of any other program that uses the .JWL files that ECDC 5 creates, so, yes, you'll need to copy all the songs into whatever other application you wind up using, whether it's a spreadsheet, database, or just a big text file.


    Good luck!

  9. I have a project that has been rendered, iso file made and burned to disc.


    It contains a woman speaking with background music.


    It plays fine on my portable DVD player and my husbads finicky Sony DVD player. However, she has a memorex progressive scan DVD player, and it plays the background music, but not her voice. Strange but true. How could this happen?


    Any ideas?


    I'm going to take a different tack than Grandpa Bruce, I'm going to suggest it's a setup problem with the other persons DVD player, either hardware or "configuration", not a drive/media mismatch, because her drive is playing the disc.


    In my case, it was "The Emperor's New Groove" that had a problem. One section, where the main character was having a conversation with himself, you only heard one half of the conversation, (where we'd heard both sides before). I got to checking and I'd apparently changed the audio connections, and had one channel connected to a rear channel that should've been a front channel. The rear channel didn't have that part of the sound track. Fix that and voila! Both sides of the conversation could be heard.


    So, she needs to verify her connections, and/or check what tracks are being played by her drive. I honestly haven't done much with making DVDs yet, but it sounds like the different tracks you put together aren't "merged", and if the DVD player isn't set to play both tracks, or if one is going to a different output, then you won't hear it.


    Hope that helps!

  10. What version of ID3 is used for Creator 5 (Ver 1.x, Ver2.2, Ver2.3???)

    In what regard? When creating an Audio CD from .MP3 files, I don't believe ECDC uses the ID3 tags at all, and instead uses the file name as the title (though I won't swear to that since I never filled in the ID3 tags, so by default, all it had was the file name). If you're using SoundStream to create .MP3 files, once again, I don't think the ID3 tags are used or filled in.


    So, for all practical purposes, I don't believe it uses the tags, regardless of version.

  11. That's what I do on my DVD player at home and it works perfectly, but not all DVD players will do this. My DVD player is a Philips DVP640K, and is "DivX certified". It's a middle-price range machine, so you don't need the most expensive to do it. It will play almost all AVI files, and those it doesn't like I can convert with a DivX converter.


    I sit corrected. Thanks Brendon.

  12. Thanks for taking the time to reply! My camera is a Cannon Powershot A520, and movies come out as ".avi". And I want to put them on CDR discs, then hopefully play them on my DVD player. Hope this clarifies things better.

    Yes, that clarifies things. To do what you want, I suspect you'll need something more than you have with ECDC 5. I doubt any standalone DVD player will play .AVI files. They may play .MPG files, so if you have a video program that will render your .AVI into .MPG files (possibly Video Impressions?) then you could try writing those to CDR, and, if the stars are aligned just right, it may play in a DVD player (maybe yours, maybe someone elses). As it won't be a "proper" DVD disc, and not even a VCD disc, the odds are slim, or maybe a little worse. Since Video Impressions is aimed at VCD quality, the .MPG quality will be low, nowhere near DVD quality, and possibly lower than your .AVI file from your camera.


    Basically, you might get something to play, I doubt it will be satisfactory.


    Hope that helps!

  13. Hi there. :) I would like to transfer any Digital Camera Movies that I make, to a CDR

    Disc, to view them later on my DVD player. Just wondering how, and what is the best way of doing this. I have Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum. Thanks in advance!




    You've posted rather a "mixed bag" of a question. You're asking about movies, playing them on a DVD player, and writing to CD-R, rather than DVD-R discs. You also say these are from your Digital Camera, instead of from a Video Recorder. So, I have to start by asking if what you said is what you meant, or did you mean Video Recorder and DVD-R disc instead?


    If you really mean from your Digital Camera, then the next question is, what format does your camera create/store those videos in? My Kodak creates QuickTime .MOV files. I believe Video Impressions (part of the ECDC 5 Platinum Suite) is supposed to let you import .MOV files on the way to creating a VCD, however, that's not a DVD, and some DVD players do, and some don't, support VCDs.


    The next thing to say is that ECDC 5 doesn't support writing Video DVDs, only data DVDs. It's possible, if you were to put your video file onto a Data CD or DVD, that your player might play it, but that's going to be strictly a function of what your DVD player supports. And I wouldn't bet on it supporting that sort of playback.


    So, give us some clarification of just what equipment you're using, what files you're getting, and what you want to write them to.