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  1. Anyone have thoughts? Is this a software issue? A Sony issue? A disc issue?




    To start with, you've pretty well proven that your discs were created properly since they play in a couple different places, including a set-top DVD player. (Possibly one of the inexpensive, $40 (or less) DVD players? )


    Next point, Memorex discs are considered by many, including myself, not worth the money you pay for them. Again, you've proven the disc(s) are written correctly, and readable in more than one device.


    Point three. More expensive players have been known to be more particular about what type of discs they will read then computer and inexpensive players. I had a $25 Magnavox DVD player that would play pretty much any disc I put in it, where my $300 Sony DVD/VHS combo wouldn't ready half of them.


    My suggestion is to try some different brands of discs. Historically, Verbatim discs have done well by most people. It's a cheap thing to try.

  2. I suspect it might have something to do with my screen saver switching on during the capture, but that seems ridiculous.


    Can anyone provide any suggestions?


    No, not ridiculous at all. Turn your screen saver off, or stick around and touch the mouse occasionally to keep it from kicking in, and see if that makes a difference.


    But, you say it also happens if you only capture a couple of minutes and stop the capture? Is that before the screen capture turns on?

  3. The reason it works the way it does, where you can get a picture on your TV, but only a blurry black & white image through Game Capture device, is that many TVs "share" the green component input with Composite circuitry. That is, if it detects a Composite signal, it routes it through the Composite signal circuitry to give you a good image. If it detects the "Green" Component signal, then it uses all three Red, Green, Blue Component inputs instead. The Roxio Game Capture device doesn't support that, it only supports a real Component signal.


    If you can find a unit like Jim suggests above, that should work.


    If not, then Roxio's VHS to DVD package supports Composite video signal input, but only for capture, not for streaming.

  4. Airwolf, let me also had that DVD quality is Standard Definition (720x480 NTSC) and not High Definition (1920x1080). Looking at the clip you posted, it's about what I would expect for SD quality.


    If you want Hi-Def, you'll need to create an AVCHD disc (HD on DVD, limited to about 40 minutes), or a Blu-Ray disc, both of which require a Blu-Ray player to play them back.


    Hope that helps.

  5. Many (including myself) consider Creator 2012 the last, best product Roxio put out. When you installed NXT3, it probably informed you that it needed to uninstall Creator 2012, and then did it for you? At this point, you could go back and reinstall Creator 2012, and I'm quite sure that both will coexist.


    All of the things we've tried so far, rendering prior to MyDVD, will only affect the flickering during pan/zoom and transitions. As for the menus, I don't have any good ideas, except to consider reinstalling Creator 2012.

  6. By "path" I mean, what is new in your system since it worked properly to create your video projects. I believe that you understand the process of using Videowave and MyDVD.


    You never answered if this is the first project you've done with NXT 3. Is it? Or have you successfully used Creator NXT 3 to create videos previously?


    What was the previous version of Creator you were using? And when did you move to Creator NXT 3? Does NXT 3 give you any new capabilities that you need? If not, then going back to that previous version may be the easiest/best solution to the problem.


    So answer those specific questions, please.

  7. I'm a PC/Roxio Creator user, not a MAC/Toast user, but it sounds to me like you might have a drive issue, or possibly a media issue. The easiest thing to try is a different brand of media. I don't know what you're using, but Verbatim and TDK/Taiyo Yuden media have usually been suggested as "good" media. Store brands have been known to have issues, as well has Memorex media. So that would be the first thing I would suggest.


    I'm guessing you only have one drive in your system? If not, then are you seeing the same issue with both drives? Getting an externally connected (USB?) drive would be a way to check out your drive. If the "other" drive works, then your writer may have a problem.


    Hopefully something there will help you find the problem.

  8. Keep in mind, this is not "our" program. We're users like yourself. Volunteers. We don't work for Corel/Roxio.


    So, as I read into what you just replied with, perhaps this is your first project with Creator NXT3? And NXT2 (or an earlier version) worked fine? If NXT3 isn't giving you any needed new feature(s) over the previous version you were running, maybe uninstalling it, and going back to the previous version is the easiest solution.


    Let us know what the path is that got you to where you are. Maybe we'll have some other ideas.

  9. So, as far as we knew to this point, this was the first project you've ever done, and it had never worked otherwise. (You always had the flickering problem.) Are you telling us that you've done this sort of project before, without any issues like this? If so, then tell us what changes you made to your system recently. Windows updates/upgrades? Any chance of rolling those back to a point where it worked before? We can only work with the information you give us.


    As for doing it only with Roxio, the only reason we're having you use VLC is to verify that everything is good prior to having you use a disc, to keep from wasting them. But all of the actual "work" (creating the project, rendering, creating the final disc) is still being done with Roxio applications. You are still making your "video only with Roxio."

  10. My recollection (subject to correction) is that .cl3 files are the project files for music discs. And that's all they are, the project files. They contain the information for writing a disc using music files that exist elsewhere on your system. So, if you also recreated all of the paths with all of the music files with the same names as required by the .CL3 files, and installed that version 3.5 of Easy CD Creator, those files would work. You can probably find Easy CD Creator 3.5 on eBay if you look long enough. Adaptec/Roxio never did a good job of making their program backward compatible, which is why you'd need ECDC 3.5.


    But again, the .cl3 files don't contain the music files to write, only the information about where the program should look for them to write them to disc. So, unless you have all of those music files backed up somewhere, and can recreate those paths, the .cl3 files by themselves won't give you much.

  11. Walt, he reduced his pictures at my suggestion, but went farther than what I asked him to try.


    Smokeytoo, that's good news. So, my original suggestion was to reduce your pictures by 50%, not 80%, which should have left plenty of resolution to give you a decent picture even after zooming. So, I'd still suggest a 50% reduction in image size, for your production, then output to your MPEG-2. Which specific output format did you select? If you're creating a DVD (not an AVCHD), then my suggestion would be to select All and PAL as the Purpose. And then select "MPEG-2 for DVD, Best Quality."


    Again, play that to verify the rendering went well, and then try bringing that into MyDVD and see if that works any better.

  12. You can't create a .ISO project from Videowave. You can only save your project, as a .dmsm file. However, you can OUTPUT your project (not save) to any of many video formats. I don't have Videowave here, but on the top menu bar, you'll see an icon that looks like a movie reel. If you hover your mouse over that, it'll say, "Output". Click on that icon. That will bring up a dialog box where you can select the output type for your video file, and let you name it, and select the output folder for it. Do that, it'll take awhile to render. I'd select the option for, "MPEG DVD High Quality." (I'm paraphrasing here since I don't have it available to open up, but you should find the one I'm thinking of.) Then play that video file in VLC and let us know how it looks.

  13. Do ALL transitions and pan/zoom effects flicker? I don't really have any great ideas of what might be going wrong.


    Are you doing your project in 4:3 or Widescreen format?


    Could you try a very short test, with only 3 or 4 pictures? Take each of those pictures, and resample them to 50% of their original size (work on a copy of the original), and use those reduced size pictures in your test. Do your pan and zoom, and a transition, and see if that makes any difference after you render it? In MyDVD, you can select, the "DVD, No Menu" project to avoid any extra work there.


    My thinking is that by reducing the size of the image, you'll reduce the processing needed to render your video. With software rendering selected, I really don't think it should make a difference, but it should be a quick test.