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    Labe Creator 8 Printing Issues

    When I go to print my label, the buttons for calibrate, print test page, and ok are still shaded gray. It seems to not recognize the printer...which works fine with all other programs I have tried it with. The "Ask Roxanne" feature online sends me to directions to set a default printer in Creator 7, even though I specified Creator 8, but that is another story. Any ideas where the default setting might be in 8 or any other ideas? Thanks much.
  2. I have a rather lengthy article I want to place in storyboard. I inserted a white background, picked a simple font and copy/pasted it in. However, it does not appear in the same format, rather it is one looooonnnnnggg line of text. When I go to the editing section where text was inserted and try to break it up into lines by hitting "enter" between words, nothing happens. I am sure it is a simple setting somewhere, but I sure can't find it, and as I have about 10 pages of this, I don't want to enter it all manually. Anyone have an idea?