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  1. I have Roxio Easy Media Creator 9. I have successfully used Label Creator to make jacket covers for my DVDs. It has stopped working - when you open the program, you cannot open a saved project, nor can you save a project (although you can create one) no matter how small the project (even the basic template). In both situations, the program freezes. Task Manager shows the program as "non-responsive" and the Roxio process as using over 50% of the CPU cycles. Unless you end the program in Task Manager, it will stay like that for hours. After encountering the problem, I downloaded the 9.1 version (which was supposedly just a Vista patch) and installed it (keeping the 9.0 version installed as per the instruction so it would uninstall the old 9.0 version) but the problem remains. Any thoughts? My machine: a Pentium 3.2 gh 2 processor Intel Pentium machine with 2g of RAM, 1.2 TB storage (300gb free), and XP Pro SP3 with all current patches and McAfee Security and Spybot running and a hardware Firewall.