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  1. How can I copy my CD collection and just use the copies? TKX
  2. offtoplay

    Cinemagic Project Shows Or Plays No Sound From Clip

    Thank You Larry, Just dropped Photoshop Premiere for other reasons. I'll try Videowave.
  3. I chose edit a video automatically. I selected a one hour clip from my hard drive, selected from the 50+ clips that cinemagic created, moved to next step, and saw no sound on time line. Playing project confirmed that there was no sound in my project. Also it was just one and one half minutes long. Video played OK with intro and short clips of the scenes. The info lines below showed one hour of video and no sound. I have no idea what's going on. Please HELP!!! DD
  4. offtoplay

    Video Wave Crashes

    Got done with a slide show and clicked DVD. Video Wave started and came back with the error "Mpeg-2 codec has to be installed to continue" click Ok or cancel. Click Ok and get the "video wave has to close error. Checked and found mpeg-2 codec installed fine. Nero 9 works just fine. Any help five hours later....grrrrr? P.S. Easy Media Creator 10
  5. offtoplay

    Video Wave

    Hey All, How do I rotate a video clip like an "avi" file I am trying to import into a project? The rotation arrows are grayed out. TKX, Dave
  6. offtoplay

    DVD Ripping

    Thanks. Oops, not a good thing to talk about those programs in these forums. It could possibly get Roxio hassled.
  7. offtoplay

    DVD Ripping

    Does anyone know how to use roxio & ? to back up my DVD's(like Cars & Pirates2? DVD Shrink & others intagrate with Niro just fine. TKX
  8. offtoplay

    Slide Show for TV

    How do I create a slideshow to watch on my TV set? The Sony DVD Player says Cannot Read. My computer reads the disk just fine. I found a Toast How to, but none for EMC 8. TKX, Dave Offtoplay@AOL.com