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  1. I have both but I am talking about Roxio photoshow 6. I have the latest updated version. my burner does work as I have been burning all day from Picasa. I cant export video file and I can not burn direct to disk??? please help???
  2. I have 2 issues 1. when I use this program it does not regonised my DVD drive. so I cant burn my photoshows. 2. when I export video file - it gets all the way through the exporting process 100% and then tells me that it failed to export!!!!! I want my photoshows on DVD so that I can view them on the flat screen. I have been using this program for years with no problems - why now? Oh, the only time this has happened before is when I got this computer 5 years ago. all was working fine until I upgraded my computer. it was found that the program was not suitable with the newer dvd drive so we changed the dvd drive only back to an old one and all worked fine - UNTIL NOW???? please help??? I am on windows xp. cheers carissa
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    Can't burn Photoshow

    Thanks Newbie! I didn't recreate from scratch but I did "file save as" changed the file name and reopened and was able to "export video file". Easy. Thank you so much. It is a pitty that Roxio cant help.
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    thanks will give it a go.
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    thanks anyway!
  6. Hi there. I am relative new to all this but I have an old photoshow that I can not email or post to my online account etc. I just wanted to know if you have been able to relove this issue? Do you know where we can get an Error listing from? The old photoshow (photoshow 5) that I am having trouble with has a mp3 song on it. Photoshow 6 is suppose to allow you to upload to email , facebook etc???? I have searched for the answer but to no avail??? How did you go???
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    hi, I put this - http://www.photoshow.com/home/start - as my starting address on internet. I didn't have to log in though. It already comes up as OPEN???? So I am already on line???? I have 3 project but can only see 2. You said "YOu should not have to download v6 again. I don't understand why when you downloaded it, you didn't have an icon on your desktop." I definately do not have an icon after downloading. "When you check your programs does it list PhotoShow?" It does list photoshow 5 only. "After getting on the home page you will see an option for My Account, click on that and then sign in and you will see an option for downloading v6 and go ahead and do that and see if you don't get an icon on your desktop." I did this again today. It downloaded fine and the screen came up "online" with my 3 photoshows. But I still dont have an icon and I dont know how to get back to this particular screen????? Thanks for trying to help by the way.
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    27/3/09 no I dont??? I never had one at all. even for photoshow 5???? that's why i am confused. I have just been accessing photoshow through my emails????
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    I am a premium member and have photoshow 5. If I go into my account details I can download photoshow 6. Here I can save the file onto my pc, burn to dvd etc. All is good. But to do this again I have to download photoshow 6 again through 'my account' - every time. Once I have installed photoshow 6 how do I access it?