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    How to make a bootable external drive?

    Can anyone help me with Deja Vu? I am using Mac OS 10.3.9. Toast Titanium 7. I just made my first backup using Deja Vu which came with Toast 7. 1) I selected a external firewire drive as my destination. I selected my entire OSX internal drive as source. It wiped out everything that was on my destination disk! No warning. I had other data on the firewire drive that I selected as my backup disk. Is there any chance it hid it somewhere? 2) I was trying to make a bootable external drive. I backed up my entire OSX drive. But I cannot boot from this external drive no matter what I try. I tried holding Option key. The disk does not show up. I tried Control Option Shift Delete. It still boots from my internal drive. I used system prefs and selected the external as my start up. It still boots from the main internal drive. I have the external plugged directly into the firewire port on the back of my G4 machine. Am I wrong about Deja Vu making an external bootable drive? If not, any ideas how to make this work? Thanks george
  2. itriedeverythingelse

    Reinstalling The Toast Plug-ins

    I can't thank you enough for that tip. I have been going nuts trying to find Deja Vu and to get help via Roxio support (Ugh!) Thanks George
  3. itriedeverythingelse

    Needing Some Help

    Can you help me figure out how to "activate" Deja Vu. It is nowhere to be found on my entire system. OS 10.3.9. Toastt Titanium 7 Thanks, George
  4. itriedeverythingelse

    Add Pics, Movies To Music Dvd

    I was successful burning my first Music DVD. Now I want to add images - possibly short movies and some pictures. How do I do this so that they show while the audio file is playing. BTW, my audio is primarily lecture, or radio talk interviews, not music. Though I'd also like to add some music as additional selections. Thanks for any help.