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  1. Going to try that now. I hope it works out. Thanks. Jimmy
  2. I created a 7.85GB WMV file and burned it to an 8.5GB Dual Layer DVD. I made sure the format was set to Mac & PC. After I burned the DVD I copied the file back to my Mac to make sure it worked properly. It appeared as a 7.85 gig file on my computer. The problem is my clients computer reads the files as only 2 something gigs and only plays the movie up to 8 minutes out of a total of 29. I burned this on another DVD to check and check it out on my office mate’s computer, same problem. Can anyone help me out? Thanks, Jimmy My system G5 4x 2.5 Ghz PowerPC 6.5 GB DDR2 SDRAM OSX 10.4.6 Hl-dt-st-DVD-RW-GWA-4165B