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  1. pupdocdiver

    Toast 11.0.3: 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back!

    Update: Work around for above problem: create disc image first. Then burn disc image- menus now work and can scan normally through disc. However, it would still be nice if the program worked without the extra step. Steve
  2. Every time Roxio releases an update to Toast 11 (& previously 10) I have spent a great deal of time seeing if the program will perform as advertised. (Not to mention the number of non usable and semi usable discs I've created.) I have yet to find a version of either Toast 10 or 11 that will encode my assets (usually HDV quicktime movies) all the way through, then subsequently burning the disc all the way to 100%, and have the menus work. If they want us to be beta testers, they should pay us- not charge us for a buggy program that doesn't deliver as advertised! I shouldn't have to do a million work-arounds to get the thing to work properly! BTW, I Don't even bother with Customer support- that has been a complete waste of time and just creates more frustration and aggravation. Steve Cohen
  3. pupdocdiver

    Toast 11.0.3: 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back!

    I just installed Toast 11.0.3. First the good news. When burning an AVCHD blu-ray to a plain old DVD 5, the 99% burn issue seems to be fixed. Now the bad news. The friggin menus don't work. For example, I loaded 2 HDV QT movies into my project <call them A&B> which created a menu with 2 selections: A & B. the disc will play if the first selection is made. However, from the menu screen, if the B is selected, IT WILL NOT PLAY! It will search and search and ultimately start playing at A. The disc will play all the way through from A through B but you can't select B on the menu page. Also, if one tries to fast forward through A to get to B, the scan does not work properly. Way to go Roxio. Don't these guys thoroughly check these updates before they release them?
  4. pupdocdiver

    Will Toast 11 Import H.264 Blu Ray Files?

    You could import h264 files made in Compressor in Toast 10. I imagine you can do it in Toast 11 as well. Steve
  5. pupdocdiver

    Has The Dreaded -18771 Error Bug Been Fixed In Toast 11?

    I think it's fixed. However, it's been replaced by equally frustrating bugs like burns hanging at 99%. Steve
  6. pupdocdiver

    Youtube Downloads

    You can download videos from Youtube that can be burned to DVD. However, realize that you may be violating copyright laws even if it's only for personal use. You should get permission from the people who post the videos first. Steve
  7. pupdocdiver

    Web Video Capture And Conversion

    I have used Toast to capture many flv files. I use MPEG Streamclip (a free download) to convert to other formats. Steve
  8. pupdocdiver

    Error -18768

    I looked at the files that have been encoded by Toast in my Roxio converted items folder. They are all 1440 x 1080. The original movies that they are derived from are 1920 x 1080 HDV. I suspect that your h264 files need to be re-encoded. I would use Toast 11.0.2. So, in the right side of the project pane (below the menu template selector) I would set quality to "best." If you have been using "customize" it may be set to re-encode never and this could possibly be causing the problem. Just a thought. I certainly could be wrong. Steve
  9. pupdocdiver

    Error -18768

    I have to wonder if there is some sort of corruption in the original audio clip associated with the video that is interfering with the multiplexing. Is Toast re-encoding your video or just using the native files? ie when you bring the files into the project pane and then click on the burn button, do you see any indication that the video and audio are encoding or does it go straight to multiplexing? If not, I'd suspect there is something hinky with the original movie files. I'd try re-downloading them to your computer and then try bringing them back into Toast. Steve
  10. pupdocdiver

    Error -18768

    What kind of files are you working with? Are you bringing in separate video & audio files. If so, if you do any editing within Toast, it only trims the video file and not the audio file (.ac3) file. that results in the multiplexing error. People at Roxio are aware of this and are working on a fix. Steve
  11. pupdocdiver

    Cutting Out Video

    Actually I think he needs to click on the second in point to truly set it. When it's blue, it's not recognized an in point. When it's black, it's set. I did some playing around to try this out. Steve
  12. pupdocdiver

    Toast Can't Multiplex And Burn M2V Files

    I did an experiment. After adding both m2v and ac3 files, I clicked on edit and shortened the movie. As expected, multiplexing aborted. I then clicked edit, and restored missing video. Hit burn and everything worked properly. Live and learn. Steve
  13. pupdocdiver

    Toast Can't Multiplex And Burn M2V Files

    I added both the m2v and associated ac3 file to the project pane. Then I clicked on the edit button and shortened the movie after both files had been added. I'm wondering if you're right in that it is only shortening the video and not the audio portion. I suppose if I had added the original quicktime movie, edited it, and then encoded it to m2v &ac3 the error wouldn't have occurred. Steve
  14. pupdocdiver

    Toast Can't Multiplex And Burn M2V Files

    Just when I thought things were mostly fixed, a new strange phenomenon has developed. I have created m2v and AC3 files in compressor (no exotic bit rates- just your standard 90 minutes best quality). This morning I brought several of these files (which are located on an external hard drive) into Toast 11.0.2 and everything went well. The next disc not so well. I brought in new files and it quit multiplexing about 15% of the way in. I shut down the computer, rebooted and things worked again (I rebuilt the project from scratch.) I tried a third project and again it quit during multiplexing. I thought it might have something to do with the external HD, so I copied the files to the main drive where Toast is installed. Still no joy. I know that the files are not corrupted since I took the same files into DVD Studio Pro and was able to burn a perfect disc there. I also took the Video TS folder generated in DVDSP and was able to burn that in Toaat 11.0.2. I then tried another project. In a couple of the earlier works, I edited the video and was wondering if that was causing the problem. In the last project, only editing was done on menu. My gut feeling is that editing video is screwing things up. I know that's a lot of variables but has anybody else encountered this new weird behavior? Steve
  15. pupdocdiver

    High Definition Dvd For Blu-Ray Player

    Toast creates an AVCHD blu ray disc. Your blu ray player may not support this particular "flavor" of blu ray. My Sony, and Samsung players can play discs created in Toast, but my neighbor's Panasonic can't (unsupported format.) Check the documentation that came with your Phillips player to see whether it can play the AVCHD format. Steve