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    Am thinking about upgrading to Roxio from simple star. From what I hear I need to know. Can I do a photoshow 5 slide show with multi songs then import into Roxio and burn without editing. Will I still be able too burn multi songs or will be only do one.
  2. sacquatch

    My Shows Keep Repeating...

    Got an e-mail from tech and they say it is the way the program is now due to them adding it to their family of products what ever that means. It no longer works if you have updated. Something they added in the update is doing it.
  3. sacquatch

    My Shows Keep Repeating...

    I am having the same problem with my copy of photoshow 5. Just started a few weeks ago, before that work perfect.
  4. sacquatch


    My photoshow5 program has just started the following. Dose not show the start page, where the word PLAY is show and need to press to start the show. Also at the end of the show the the show begins again without stoping. Any ideas as the why and if it can be fixed. If I upgrade will it work or will I lose the multu song ability?
  5. I got an update from Roxio which I should not have loaded into my computer. Since I did I have trouble. They have loaded something that causes my program not to work like it use to. Trying to find out about the yearly thing to see if it will allow my photoshow to work like it use to.
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    Editing Videos With Photoshow 5

    Photoshow 5 only allow about 10 sec. length. I found I could edit it on another program and then reenter it into photoshow. Something to to with individual pictures. Could not add any video more then 10 sec. long no matter what I did.
  7. sacquatch

    Photoshow Database Lost!

    Had the same problem When uninstalled it erased the files of the videos. I was able to find a few using Window exsplorer searching files in my hard drive. I also did find a few which I happen to e-mail. I now save a copy of each video on an exterier drive. If on the main drive it can be erased.
  8. sacquatch

    Transferring Shows From Photoshow5 To Roxio

    Ever sinve Roxio sent me a free update I can burn a DVD but the start page at the beginning dose not show. Also once the show finishes it restarts the show playing agin without stopping.