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  1. Brandon, I followed your directions and am at a crucial point. Delete or not to delete? My screen looks like this... It appears slightly different as you can see. It looks like I am able to delete both however you said that 'Any custom text effects you create are stored in a *.psod file by NXT 3.' Do I actually delete both or only the *.psod file? I am nervous about deleting anything because I do not want to corrupt the rest of the program. If I do have a problem, am I correct in thinking that I would just remove the existing Roxio NXT3 from my computer and reload it from my disk and all should be fine? Respectfully, Ted
  2. I think I have figured out how to create a text effect and save it using the Save As Custom Object button (fifth button from the left at the top of the Preview Screen ... looks like a floppy with a check mark on it) . I see that it appears in the Effect Selector window. Because these were test runs.... how do I remove them?
  3. Thanks again to both of you for the help that you have offered. It was certainly beyond my ability to correct the problem. The good news is that I now have an upgraded computer and the problems that I was having are now gone. Hopefully I will not do something to corrupt the mysterious inner workings of the mother board! Ted
  4. The technique that you describes works very nicely for re-setting the text style with each individual text box that I create. Is there any way to change the font properties so that default will be the same for the entire project without re-setting it with each new text box? In other words the default for each time I 'Add Text' is currently: Font: Marlett, Size: 10, Color: Black, Text motion: Still. Is there a way to change the default setting so that every time I want to 'Add Text' it defaults to: Font: Comic Sans, Size: 60, Color: Blue, Text motion: Slow fade in and out?.
  5. I apologize for not getting back sooner to your request that was made on February 11, 2016. In response to: “Mydvd Freezes While Using The Project View Or Preview Project Button” …and your post #14 where you asked “I still don't understand your menu structure. Could you post some screenshots of your structure the way you did in post #9 above.” I sincerely appreciate the time that you put in to helping me get a grip on the problem that I was having. I want you to know that I have upgraded my system and that has dramatically smoothed out the process and now it actually appears that it works every time! I am now using: Windows 7 Professional Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30 GHz 3.30 GHz Installed memory (RAM): increased from 8.0 GB to 16 GB System Type: 64-bit Operating System With the purchase of the new system, all programs were reinstalled including Roxio NXT-3. There may have been some issues in the old set up that were causing the program to freeze but after discussing the situation with my trustworthy computer guy, who has helped me over the years, we decided that an upgrade to my system was the best move. The biggest component to that upgrade was increasing the RAM from 8GB to 16GB. (It was not that expensive.) That lack of RAM was maxing out the ability of the computer do all the work required on some of the big projects that I was trying to complete and therefor 'freezing' it up. If I understand your response where you asked “I still don't understand your menu structure. Could you post some screenshots of your structure the way you did in post #9 above.” I believe that you are asking for this image which was found at the bottom of post #8. This particular attempt did not work and the computer went into a ‘not responding’ mode. But this was when I was using the old computer set up with only 8 RAM. The new system with 16 RAM was used just the other day and I was able to build a DVD with 3 chapter menus and a total of 18 sub-chapters. (Please see the last screen shot.) As of today 2/16/2016 I have created several other DVD's and the program has functioned as it should. I hope this was helpful. If you would like any more information, please contact me. Ted
  6. As an added note to all that are having the same issue..... I have upgraded my system and that has dramatically smoothed out the process! I am now using: Windows 7 Professional Processor: Intel® Core i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30 GHz 3.30 GHz Installed memory (RAM): increased from 8.0 GB to 16 GB System Type: 64-bit Operating System
  7. Thanks for the help. I am very grateful for all the help that is offered by other users..... it sure helps shorten the learning curve!
  8. With Roxio NXT3 - MyDVD, the default font in my text that I want to add to a video is always Arial, size 38 and the color of the font is white. I know that I am able to change each text set individually. If I am adding lots of text, it is very inconvenient to manually alter each text set throughout out the production. I wondered if there is a way to alter the default setting or preferences so that each time I choose to add text it would automatically use my settings and not revert back to the pre-established settings?
  9. The lost is found!! Or should I say stumbled into..... In other words I do not know what I did that actually corrected the 'freeze' issue. After multiple times going through the uninstall NXT3, install NXT3, use of Revco uninstall, updating the Windows program, discovering the original downloaded setup and content files of the NXT3 program from last year and using the 'repair' program that surfaces in the uninstall sequence, the problem has corrected itself. Today I was able to successfully put together a DVD with three chapters, each containing 6 sub-menus for a total of 18 separate sections in my 45 minute production. Thanks and I appreciate your efforts in helping me through this situation. PS It was not completely corrected.... it seems that it only worked randomly.... I took some time and consulted a computer tech and we have upgraded my computer.
  10. I did install the Revo Uninstaller software. Then I deleted the NXT3 program again and reinstalled it from the recently downloaded copy that I received from Roxio. . Restarted the computer and again rebuilt the program from scratch. (It is only about 45 minutes long.) The program still froze at the same point. Do you think that the NXT3 program is completely self contained and by reinstalling it, everything should be there to make it run successfully? If that is the case then I suspect that the damage may be somewhat deeper than just the NXT3 program.
  11. You also asked "Why would you remove Java?" I did that because a friend with a seemingly good understanding of computers suggested that program may cause problems. I have since reinstalled it. ....No difference is seen. At your suggestion I will also check out the 'Revo Uninstaller'.
  12. The menu style that I have been using is the default style as seen here. The view that you have been seeing is the result of my using the "Change Menu Background" button and using another picture. The fact there are 2 levels of chapters has never been a problem. I successfully did a 3 tier video just a few weeks ago before the program began to freeze.
  13. Here is the situation... I believe that my program is corrupted. I was able to run the repair program that opens with the install/uninstall used with Microsoft. This is what happens now... After using VideoWave I am able to move the file to MyDVD with no problem. See screen 1. this is a playable program. It closes and was saved. To create chapters I select Production and the Edit Chapters. This screen opens. I generate chapters every 8 minutes, select 'OK' and we have a page that looks like this... Notice there are not many chapters. So I select the Preview button and.... This screen will look like this and it LOCKS UP....#%$&^*@#! As I said.. I think there is some program or line of code missing...... There must be something missing that links the 'Production' with the 'Chapters' and causes it to go into a continuous loop (Not Responding) or Freezes up.
  14. Jim, I tried your suggestion of creating only a few chapters from the same 45minutes of video tape that I was using before and it does work. As soon as it get to the next level at 7 or more it will freeze. Before the events that I described above happened, I was able to create an hour log DVD that had 13 chapters and that worked just fine. I was able to navigate between chapters very easily as I played it on my TV. I am thinking that there is some error in the program or my computer that has occurred. I will notify the support team at Roxio and see if they can suggest something.
  15. Thanks for your help. Always something to learn!!