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  1. kyeian

    Ie8 And Dla

    yeah, i don't see it looking so good either. the browser would stop in the middle of anything and would close. at the time we were having a raid-volume thing, but we got that figured out, but IE hates me or something now. And really, with ie8, the DLA thing is the only thing keeping the browser from working.
  2. kyeian

    Ie8 And Dla

    I have absolutely no idea why, but the DLA is listed as an add-on. I'm assuming that the "functionality of DLA is unaffected" bit means you're just un-associating it from the browser--why it has anything to DO with the browser is absolutely beyond me to understand lol. So yeah, I haven't found anything about which version are or are not compatible. I'm using Version 5.2.0 build 520B08E (DLD) --and evidently that one doesn't work.
  3. kyeian

    Ie8 And Dla

    All right, so here's my issue. My IE7 (internet exploerer 7) died a while back, so the other day I downloaded and installed IE8. It mostly works. When you go to this site: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/dd441788.aspx it has down in the list of incompatible things, and Sonic Solution's DriveLetterAccess is one of them. I use my DLA, I rather enjoy it. I don't get what that has to do with my internet browser though. According to that site, all you have to do to end the problem is to turn that add-on off. The kicker is when you DO turn the add-on off, it makes all of IE crash. There's another option that says to always load it, but when you do that, it also makes IE crash. Does anyone have any idea what to do about this? (and I don't mean the kind of help that says to use a different browser) I'm not sure if it'll be necessary for any of this, but I'm using Windows XP Media Center Edition...and SP3. (Edit:) and DLA version 5.2.0 build 520B08E (DLD) Thanks, have a good one ~Kye