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    Mydvd Premier Problems From Page 1!

    Thanks for all your help Larry, much appreciated. I've redownloaded both discs from Roxio for MyDVD 10 and run them both and seem to be getting somewhere, well a step further at least. When I run the content disc for MyDVD10 it tells me that I need to install Easy Media Creator 10 which will cost me an extra £49 (which is not a problem, would have been nicer if I knew this before purchase though). Does that sound right, do I need to buy Easy media Creator 10 in order run MyDVD 10 which does prety much the same thing? Maybe I just need Creator? You're really helpful Larry, and I'm very grateful for your assistance and advise, so thanks!
  2. TruTourism

    Mydvd Premier Problems From Page 1!

    Thanks for taking he time to reply Larry, I really appreciate it. What you suggest is high risk though, it could involve my office products being removed too and it says something about exporting your registry, and it gives a serious warning about this. This is all a bit too much for me, I only wanted some software that will allow me to import my home vidoes and burn thm on DVD, so wasnt expecting all this hasle and risk. I think I had better accept that this product is not up to standard and I think i may go to something a lot less complex and more reliable. I'm sure you understand. Can your recommend a more suitable software? Many thanks indeed, but I'm desparate to get these videos sorted.
  3. This maybe a really stupid question but I purchased and downloaded MyDVD10 Premier and when I open the software, I can do very little else. I'm trying to import video from my camcorder but there doesnt seem to be an option there. When I click on video it just give me 2 options: video guide and cine player. Has something not been installed properly? Do I need some additional software that they didn't tell me about at the time of purchase? Please help. Any advise will be useful I'm sure (PS already contacted teh support team - still waiting their reply!)