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    Videowave Movie Creator LE

    Ok well thanks for that information, guess the DVD will sit in the box untested for a bit then. Thanks again Douggie
  2. Hi <quote> Information taken from DVD Cover Australian Consolidate Press Magazine Australian PC Roxio's VideoWave Movie Creator must be the easiest-to-use video editor ever made, with its simple wizard-based options that guide you from connecting your video camera and capturing video to editing the footage and outputting into the required video format. You can even burn your finished movie directly to a CD disc in VCD format. This is a special Roxio magazine distribution version of VideoWave Movie Creator, dubbed the Lite Edition. It comes with an unlimited use licence and has all the functions of its now superseded commercial equivalent except MPEG-2 file encoding (which is needed for burning to DVDs) and the CineMagic special effects feature. Roxio suggest that if you want to sample the very latest in the company's video editing and burning software, take a look at its all-round suite, Roxio Creator 7, or the video editor VideoWave 7 (see below). </quote> ah? right the quotes dont work..no matter I have tried several tijmes to install the above onto my PC without success, and I continue to get the error message that there is insufficient space on my C Drive to finalise the installation. I am running Windows 2000 (all upgrades to date) with the WINNT on my main drive C (3.5Gb) (700Mb free) and a slave drive D (181Gb) (heaps free) on which I am now installing any new program files etc. Is there a method to make the installation program utilise the D drive (D:\temp)for it's temporary installation files and then also make it install the program into D:\Program Files\VideoWaveCreator\ Cheers Douggieg PS I have obtained a registration code for the installation