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    A Question About A Download

    Thankyou Gramma for clearing this up for me. That really bites!!! I have forked out alot of money on SimpleStar..I have the earliest to the newest versions { not including Roxio's version of course } as well as all the service packs. It's maddening, and in my opinion, theivery to cheat people who have already got and paid for Photoshow. I already have all my photoshows saved to disc. Thanks again..did you loose all your photoshows? IF I should loose my program and then get ripped off by Roxio with a key code that no loner works I will NOT purchase Roxio or anything to do with Roxio. I will find some other program. I will also advise anyone thinking about purchasing Roxio to keep their money in their wallets and look elsewhere.
  2. PSUser

    A Question About A Download

    Okay..thanx for trying anyway. Have a good one.
  3. PSUser

    A Question About A Download

    Thanx..I have been ignoring it and will continue to ignore it. I have version 5.0 and have had it now for several years and bought it through SimpleStar. Another question please.. if, for some reason I need to reinstall my Photoshow 5, and reinstall it, will it still work? I have read a few posts where people have tried this and the key will no longer work for them. Thanx again.
  4. Am I to understand that IF for some reason I have to reinstall my BOUGHT Simple Star disc and my BOUGHT theme packs that they will not work? That's absurd if that's the case. And if that happens I hope Roxio will be ready and willing to reemburse me for the monies I have already forked out for my Photshow, all the upgrades and theme packs.
  5. PSUser

    Editing In New Desktop Software Vs. Photoshow 5

    I agree..why would anyone want to get Roxio when it only does half of what the old Simple Star product did. It malkes no sense. And also, I thinlk it rather rude of the person Digital Master to reply in such a clipped way. Maybe an explanation as to why Roxio has downgraded their product would answer questions better. I can't believe they only allow one song to run through the entire show. I have the very first version of Photoshow and back then they only allow one song per show, but it didn't take them long to fix it.
  6. PSUser

    A Question About A Download

    I have Photoshow5 and haven't upgraded to Roxio because I make my photoshows only for my own enjoyment and not to share on line. It works great, and judging from some of the comments I have read, I am a little leary about going with Roxio. However, I have a question I hope someone might answer. Today when I fired up my Photoshow I got a download message that says this: I hoped that worked as I took a screen shot of the message. My question is..if i take the download will that mess up my Photoshow5 as I have it nowand force me into getting the Roxio photoshow? With mine I have already paid for disc and all the service packs. Thankyou in advance.