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  1. purple_hot_wheels

    Music Disc Creator Shuffle Songs

    What I did last night is burned a MP3 disc played in a different player and created a new project in music disc creator but had minor issues with the shuffle but those can be dealt with. Thanks for your help.
  2. purple_hot_wheels

    Music Disc Creator Shuffle Songs

    I'm trying to combine several CDs recorded over a number of years and play a shuffle for a specific length of time. I like music disc creator for this purpose because I have several different segments I'm trying to fill. For instance my first segment is music for a specific time length while participants enter a meeting room. To achieve this I put a custom disc break at the point where the music stops and due to COVID 19 the recorded presentation starts and then again afterwards exit music after the presentation. This playlist is shared over an audio conferencing service which has time limits. All the recordings I have have been played in order hence the need for the shuffle. Some files were never physically burned to a disc thus imported into music disc creator directly from sound editor so will creating a playlist in music disc creator allow the use of another program to shuffle?
  3. purple_hot_wheels

    Music Disc Creator Shuffle Songs

    Thanks that's what I thought. However, is there a way to burn a virtual disc so that I don't have to burn a physical disc in order to shuffle the songs? Some of the files come from sound editor.
  4. purple_hot_wheels

    Music Disc Creator Shuffle Songs

    I like to use Music Disc Creator to play files since it gives me the easiest flexibility to rearrange tracks in a different order manually but I was wondering if it has the capability to randomly shuffle tracks?
  5. purple_hot_wheels

    Changing Tempo of audio recording

    I have some audio recordings that need to be slowed down. The catch is I don't want to change the the pitch so I was told by a friend to change the tempo. I was wondering if there was a way to do this in sound editor? If so, how?
  6. purple_hot_wheels

    Remove camera flash from video

    I know there are non Roxio tools out there to remove camera flash from a video. Just curious as to if Video Wave also offers this feature?
  7. purple_hot_wheels

    Split Screen Video inVideoWave

    Now that I figured out how to use the split screen video in videowave It only plays the first few seconds of my video. How do I get it to play the entire 43 seconds?
  8. purple_hot_wheels

    Extract Audio from a Video

    Thanks. That worked.
  9. purple_hot_wheels

    Extract Audio from a Video

    I have a MP4 video that I'd just like the audio of. Previous forums said to use video wave right click the video. Then extract audio. I'm using the version in Creator NXT 7 Pro
  10. purple_hot_wheels

    Trimming a video clip

    I have a video that is longer than the maximum allowed on social media. I would like to trim to just a preview that I can share.I don't want to add any themes. What is the best way to accomplish this task? Thanks in advance.
  11. purple_hot_wheels

    Changing the channels of a stereo signal

    I used mono mix which gave audio on both channels. With two audio clean filters and an enhancer. Clip sounded much clearer than original.
  12. I am in the process of digitizing audio from a compact cassette. The original recording only had audio on the right channel. I'd like audio on both sides. What settings should I use?
  13. Hi, thanks for your help in advance. I have Roxio Photoshow installed on my Windows 7 PC. When I open photoshow, a dialog box pops up saying I need the latest version of Flash for internet explorer. I recently updated my flash player but do not use IE as my default browser any suggestions because when I clicked the link provided it says page does not exist! HELP!!!
  14. purple_hot_wheels

    Cannot Add Mp3 To Photoshow

    I am trying to add my own custom mp3 to a photoshow to no avail. I've never had this issue before. It is a file less than 500 MB
  15. purple_hot_wheels

    Adding Music To Photoshow

    I had them fairly well timed but when i exported the file to a video, the Roxio credits that appear at the end were just enough to restart the music! Frustrating!