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    Photo Suite

    Thank you, guys, for sticking with me. Jim, When I open Roxio, click on the external drive, folder and photo - the program crashes. sknis, Have you tried the repair yet? Tried previously, will try again ... Sometimes it takes more than one attempt. - What I am using is a clean new installation. Do you have a linksys network card (googled for that error). - I am not sure what are you referring to. I have cable modem to Liksys router WRT54G to Dell Studio to external WD drive via USB 2. There is no wi-fi involved, it's all cabled. Is you OS up to date? My Windows 7 update is on all the time ... Thank you again.
  2. peterzap

    Photo Suite

    Update: The external drives referred to previously, one external is on USB 2, the other on FireWire. ( ... I have another internal drive and moved the file there. It opened the photo and saved flawlessly. When I tried to move the edited photo already saved to my external USB connected drive, the program crashed. Now we recognize the problem, but we don't know why. Here is the crash info: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: PhotoSuite15.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 520ee984 Fault Module Name: KERNELBASE.dll Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.18409 Fault Module Timestamp: 53159a86 Exception Code: e06d7363 Exception Offset: 0000c42d OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 0a9e Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 Additional Information 3: 0a9e Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
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    Photo Suite

    More detail: I open/start the program, go to open in PhotoSuite (looking for my photo file), it shows the external drive, I see the folder (My pictures), I see specific folder with the photo, I click on the photo, - white screen - after a while the computer suggest either to look for solution on internet ( ) or close the program. In reverse, I can go to Windows Explorer, find the photo on the external drive, request to open it with PhotoSuite. The photo opens in PhotoSuite, I do my cropping, and when try to save or save as, the white screen - see above.
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    Photo Suite

    Meant to say "if the photo resides ... sorry.
  5. peterzap

    Photo Suite

    I identified the problem: PhotoSuite will crash of the photo, jpg, resides on an external drive (WD). Experimented with another WD external drive and the result was the same. CRASH. When I moved the photo to my "C" drive desktop, the program worked fine. What could be the cause?
  6. peterzap

    Photo Suite

    I installed and re-installed NTX 2 with Photo Suite. It crashed when I try to open a picture file, or if I go through Explorer and open picture that way, it crashes on Save. I bought the program in December, did not use it for photos but video, now it's out of warranty and, more or less useless.
  7. Hi, I use Windows XP, Roxio 8 to burn my DVDs. Recently burned one and played it in four different DVD players. In one, hang up at a certain point every time, in the other it hang up at different points, but then continued playing after a 20 second pause. In two it played flawlessly. My DVD burner is an HP dvd1040. Any ideas? Thanks.