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  1. Jack Putnam

    Vhs To Dvd Transfer

    I have other questions regarding the questions that were answered yesterday about VHS to DVD transfer. I was told to select the panel to which I wanted to add text too. Are these the panels on the Effect Selector if not where are they? What is ment by the internal tracks? In the Add Content panel (left side of screen,) the first line is highlited and that is: Add Photo/Video the rest of the commands are a light gray and these don't work. There should be more Instructions in the booklet that comes with the program. Where can I find more info. on this program? myguggi responded to my questions yesterday.+
  2. Jack Putnam

    Vhs To Dvd Transfer

    I am working with Roxio VHS to DVD program. I have put my video from my camcorder into the c drive of my computer. Now I have brought up Roxio Video Wave on my couputer screen. At the bottom of screen I clicked on Timeline to work on my video production. Now I clicked on Video Effect Selector to put a scroll up title on the screen but I can't transfer from the selector to the video line at the bottom of the creen. I am trying to put a title at the beginning of my video and credits at the end. But right now nothing is working. What is going on? -I have used the Roxio slide show program before and it worked fine. Does the Video production work the same way? What do I have to do to get the Video to work right?
  3. Jack Putnam

    Computer shutting down

    I am working with Roxio Creator 2009 and I am getting ready to burn the disk but, I am getting glitches on some of the dissolves between the photos. I have changed the different types of dissolves but it doesn't seem to change anything. I Installed the service pack 4 and that didn't change anything. I can't see that there would be any electricial problem either. Most of the other dissolves are working fine except about 5 or 6 of them. I am about ready to give up on this project. I think that there still might be some bugs in this program that haven't been found. Any suggestions will be helpful. Thank You.........
  4. Jack Putnam

    Computer shutting down

    I am working with Roxio Creator 2009. I have instaled 45 photos in the Photo slide show with dissolves between the photos. When I go to play the slide show to check it out to make sure everything is working properly the program freezes after it has gone about 8 or 9 photos and the screen turns blue with white lettering and say's the computer is shuting down in order to prevent damage to the computer. And what would cause some of the dissolves between the photos to flicker? I had the same problem awhile back only I had 50 photos in the program. What is causing it to happen again? I have had to reinstall the program after the first time. Thank You...
  5. I have just completed a photo slide show in windows movie maker and I want to know how to import the show into roxio creator 2009 to burn as a dvd. I can't find anything that says about photo slide shows importing from another program to burn as a dvd.