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    Bluray Burn Error

    I've created a movie in iMovie, PAL format, High Definition, and set out to burn it to a brand new Verbatim rewritable BluRay double-layer disc using Toast 11. I have an old 2008 iMac with the latest OSX software. The encoding phase took more or less forever but when it finally started writing to disc the burn was interrupted by a message to say there was a burn error and the disc was unusable. I erased the disc and tried again, with the same result. It seems to me likely that the encoding has introduced a fault and that further attempts to write to a new disc would be futile. Does that sound right? Can it be the BluRay disc that's faulty, and if that's the case would the error be likely to recur at the same time and place? Or could the original movie file be the problem? I guess my best option is to try re-encoding the project but if anybody has a better idea please let me know ASAP.
  2. rumtytum

    Toast "not Responding"

    I already had 10.0.8, but it was your suggestion that I trash the plist and preference files that sorted out the problem. Thank you very much Eugene from Oregon.
  3. rumtytum

    Toast "not Responding"

    I'm running (or rather, not running) Toast Titanium 10.0.8 564. It will not load, so I have to force quit every time. I had a message the other day saying it was a trial version and I had to register or pay, but that went away and I had no problems until today, when it just won't start at all. I've restarted my Mac, and that hasn't helped. Is this happening to anyone else? Can anyone suggest a fix?
  4. rumtytum

    Blu-Ray encoding

    I find that the percentage was not of the first 2-hour video, but of the whole 24 GB. So it will take only 24-30 hours to do the encoding. This is still very, very slow. I started at 5pm and at 7am it had done 48%. I suppose I have to stop using Blu-Ray or buy a faster machine. Is there are 3rd way?
  5. rumtytum

    Blu-Ray encoding

    I have an iMac 3.06 Intel core duo computer with 4GB RAM. I am trying to burn 24GB of MP4 video to Blu-Ray using Toast 10.4. In an hour it has encoded 3% of the first 2-hour video. At this rate it will take 33 hours to encode 2 hours of video, and 20 days to do the whole 24GB. This does not seem right to me. Twenty days to encode - and that's just to ENCODE - 24 hours of MP4 video. Then there's the time taken to burn it. I realise that my machine is not a professional one and that things would be a lot faster with an 8-core processor, or 2 or 3 or 4 8-core processors, but this seems to me to be ridiculous. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?