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    Roxio wizard launcher module

    Thank you,Digital Guru. Well I guess I cannot use Roxio on my Acer Notebook.Well that is what you get for a $600.00 Notebook.I should be a better buyer of Computers so that some software might work. Thanks again for the info and direction. Good day
  2. crabbman

    Roxio wizard launcher module

    Hello.I receive this error Roxio Wizard Launcher Module after I go between number one and two on the Plug and Burn Screen. It says Creator must close down do to this error. Not sure what this is? I will wait for reply. Good day
  3. crabbman


    Thank you,Myguggi That helps. Good day. Crabbman
  4. crabbman


    Thank you Jim. Looks like I can move forward,I appreciate this. I just trimmed my signature yesterday. I am not sure what to leave and what to cut. Good day. Crabbman
  5. crabbman


    Thank you,Digital Guru. Like I said,I am still learning. I am not sure how one does this change file to ISO image and then use VCC to convert to a standard DVD.? But I am willing to try since getting two hurs of my HI-8 tapes onto a DVD is really a Great thing. How would I do this? Thank you, Digital Guru. Crabbman
  6. LP,SP.HIGH DEFINITION,CHOICES. Seems to me the only way to go is High Definiton. The SP,and LP is not very good quality and not real fun to look at. The problem with High Definition is you need at least two 4.7 gig DVD 'S to record one HI-8 Tape. OR if you have a Double layer player like I have (Plextor PX-0840U) you could use one DVD. I have not tried this as yet. I am still learning. I find Creator 2009 S.E. is alot of work,alot of studying,learning. I have already given up on CINEPLAYER,a junky player and am using the VLC PLAYER. I cant give up on Creator as yet for there is nothing on the market to replace.Or to replace would mean I would have to buy several software products. NO THANKS. Well that is all for now. Good day
  7. crabbman

    Audio Is Great,video Stops/starts

    1. I now have my SPECS 2.YES 3.AVI from my SAMSUNG NV 10 Digital Camera. Also MPEG from my HI-8 SONY CCD-TRV138 CAMERA. THANK YOU. DOUG
  8. Hello,I am trying to watch a recorded file on CINEPLAYER but the video starts and stops,mostly stops.Audio works well. I have SERVICE PACK 4 installed. I will wait for a reply Thank you Jim.Happy Memorial Day. Specs: Acer Notebook--Aspire 3005 WLCI Windows xp pro SERVICE PACK 3 BIOS-PTLTD-6040000 Graphics Card--SIS M760GX (ALL DRIVERS UPDATED) Monitor resolution: 1280x800x60 Bits pixal: 32 Processor- X86 Family 15 Model 44 Stepping 2 Authenticamd 199 mhz You helped me out earlier and fixed the Graphics for me. I was also told by someone that Roxio should not be working on this computer. I beleive it is limited by stuff. Yes I can do dvd movies for I have CYBERLINK POWER2GO installed which makes my player work. My file is a AVI File. Thank you. Doug
  9. crabbman

    Fuzzy Color Bars Above Headings/home Page

    Unbeleivable is all I can say! Everything is working really well. Love the words and all the color. Thank you Jim,SKNIS,and GRANDPABRUCE for the Fixes. I beleive this is what I did: 1.Downloaded drivers from ACER and put them in my Drivers Folder. 2.Set a restore point. 3. Went to Device manager/DISPLAY and the SIS CHIP. I chose the update driver and it said I needed a file. Went to my Driver Folder and linked up with same file and that was it.It said to restart Computer and I could not beleive what I saw.What GREAT FEELING! Thank you again. CRABBMAN
  10. crabbman

    Fuzzy Color Bars Above Headings/home Page

    Hello Jim. I found my Video company-SIS. and they wanted a disclaimer in order do download and install found drivers that I found. They suggested calling ACER for any new and improved drivers for my video card (SIS M760GX).Sounds like they are protecting themselved againt anything in case I were to download there drivers and then the next minute my Computer Crashes and Burns. Boy what a mess,what a terrible answer just to update a driver? That is all for now. Not sure what to do? My Computer is a Notebook-ACER ASPIRE 3005WLCI wih WINDOWS XP PRO. GOOD DAY. CRABBMAN
  11. crabbman

    Fuzzy Color Bars Above Headings/home Page

    Thank you Jim. I will check what video card I have and look for updates. Happy Easter! CRABBMAN
  12. Hello i have fuzzy color bars above each heading in the home page of Creator 2009. I tried to change my Display resolution but got no where. I tried to insert the Home page but I could not fiqure that out as well. When I click in the Fuzzy color bar area I receive a perfect legible application. I will wait for a helpful reply. Thank you. CRABBMAN