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  1. antonsvideo

    Blu-Ray Image File Creation Problem With Dvd It Pro Hd

    instead of creating and image, I always compile to folder, this creates BDMV and Certificate folder, then you can fix the incorrect folder structure prior to burning by creating an image, you will be burning an incorrect folder structure and the BD may fail in many players, so forget about making an image
  2. antonsvideo

    Blu-Ray Image File Creation Problem With Dvd It Pro Hd

    are you able to compile to folder? and then burn folder with Nero like this 1. http://www.videoproductions.com.au/html/folder-structure.html 2. http://www.videoproductions.com.au/html/nero10.html
  3. antonsvideo

    Video Simulation And Burned Disks Are Upside Down And Mirrored

    what are you feeding it? if I feed it with DVD or Blu-ray compliant elementary stream mpeg2 files (no further encoding required), all is well if I feed it Canopus avi files, they will be upside down, but this problem is older than the existence of humans
  4. antonsvideo

    Dvditprohd Has Run Out Of Free Activation Code?

    my version is 6.4 641B03A and support told me that there is a later version which is Win7 compatible and I can purchase it by phoning the sales department Agent Response: In order to upgrade to a compatible version of the software I suggest you contact our inside sales team. Our representatives are here to answer any pre-sales questions you may have. Please call 1-877-793-7480 (Monday - Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., EST - excluding Roxio holidays) . We appreciate the opportunity to assist you. The Roxio Support Team
  5. antonsvideo

    Dvditprohd Has Run Out Of Free Activation Code?

    I had the same problem last week, support told me that they can't help me because my version 6.4 was purchased before Win7 compatibility and they said to solve my problem I need to purchase a new version 6.4 which is Win7 compatible so I solved the problem myself by wiping the C drive with a Win7 image that I created 2 weeks earlier, all good again why should I buy a new version when I already have 6.4? why can't they supply a free update, since the new version is also 6.4, very strange product support
  6. antonsvideo


    is your Temp folder empty? by default, it uses the hidden Temp folder on C drive ideally, tell DVDit to use a Temp folder on an NTFS drive with less than 70% diskspace used http://www.videoproductions.com.au/DVDitHD/DVDit-temp.png
  7. antonsvideo

    Crashes On Start Up - Comes Up - Then Disappears

    you may have to disable windows defender service, a hidden troublemaker and you may have to exclude the DVDit Program folder from your AV scanner
  8. antonsvideo

    6.4 Version Number

    send an email to support and report that some users have newer versions than you and if they can give you a download link once you have it installed, let us know the version number in case it is newer than ours now
  9. antonsvideo

    6.4 Version Number

    mine also says 6.4 641B03A
  10. antonsvideo

    6.4 Version Number

    what is the current latest version number of Pro HD 6.4? I can't find any updates and it is a long time since the last one
  11. antonsvideo

    Error With Subtitles When I Burn Blu Ray

    what are you trying to create? your menu is a different frame rate and size than the movie maybe the subtitles are trying to be HD when your movies are SD why not make a DVD instead?
  12. antonsvideo

    Creator 10 Better Burn Then Dvdit Pro

    your problem is caused because you captured from analog to digital without Time Base Corrector also, some of the damage may have already happened when the tape itself was copied to another tape without Time Base Corrector
  13. antonsvideo

    Making A Subtitle Menu Page

    go to General Tab and link all you like http://www.videoproductions.com.au/DVDitHD/DVDit-set-audio-stream.png (audio example) the same applies to subtitles
  14. antonsvideo

    dvditpro hd stops on - adding assets to DB

    are all your hard disks internal Sata or IDE? or are there external drives involved? can you run diskspeed (free from www.roadkil.net) on all your drives and report back the result IDE drives can jump into PIO mode and then you can expect your problms
  15. antonsvideo

    Two Hour Dvd Seems Jerky

    I often encode up to 2 hours with no problems using Tmpg4 Xpress it sounds like you have the wrong field order, which causes jitter when there is motion DVD field order is upper field first