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    Speech Bubbles

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    My Shows Keep Repeating...

    I'm having the same problem obviously. Hope they can correct it - I'd like to have dvd's made of two shows but they are looping or whatever its called and I don't want the DVD to do that.
  3. ehill1

    Speech Bubbles

    Sorry but now I am confused! I don't know the difference between the "online" or "desktop" what I have is - the Photoshow 5 and the Roxio Photoshow. The "5" allows for bubbles among other things that the Roxio Photoshow does not. Is the latter what is being referred to a v6?? I have used photoshow 5 ALOT and love it! Like others who have written - I am disapointed that what I call the "newer version" doesn't come with as many 'bells and whistles", as I thought it would when I purchased it. Thanks for any enlightment you can give me.
  4. ehill1

    Speech Bubbles

    When will we be able to use "bubbles" - I can't understand why we get an announcement that something is available and it ISN'T. I've been holding up a couple of PhotoShows that I want to have made into DVD's but would like to use the speach bubbles. HELP!!
  5. ehill1

    Speech Bubbles

    I am happy to see that Roxio has finally given us the speach bubbles - I thought I'd use them on a Photo Show I am making but can't find them - thought i'd find then under "Captions" but not there - where can I find them????