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  1. My computers were recently stolen from my house. Creator Pro 2010 was installed on 1 computer and Creator EMC 9 was installed on the other computer. Both products were registered at the time of purchase. I still have the boxed software with all licensing information. Is there a special exception which will, under these circumstances, with a police report of the stolen computers, allow me to install these programs on the replacement computers which I will purchase shortly?
  2. Roxio Creator 10.2 Dell Edition will come with the computer I recently ordered from Dell. In reading other posts, it seems that this is a very light and disappointing version of Creator. I have a large library of vinyl LPs which I plan to convert to MP3s and CDs. Will this version facilitate this conversion? Will it allow me to name tracks on the CD, put break points on the CD between songs, and reduce or eliminate scratches and crackles? If not, what is the least expensive upgrade for this version which will give me these options?
  3. I just ordered a Dell Studio XPS 435MT desktop computer with Vista Home Premium. This computer comes with a free upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium when it is released around 10/22/09. I plan to purchase Roxio Creator 2009 Ultimate for installation on this computer. When I receive the Windows 7 Home Premium DVD, I will upgrade by doing a clean install on the XPS 435MT because it will create a much cleaner install than by upgrading on top of Vista. Since it will be the exact same computer on which I will initially install Creator 2009 Ultimate, will I experience any problem with re-activation of Creator 2009 Ultimate when I reinstall it on the clean install of Windows 7?
  4. I plan to purchase Roxio Creator 2009 shortly and install it on a computer which I will build using Windows 7 beta. My first major music project will be to digitize my gospel vinyl record collection. In my research, Apple's ALAC format seems to be the best lossless format when considering file size of the various lossless formats. Can 2009 convert LP tracks to ALAC, and also play ALAC files? I understand that I must install a third party program and a decoder in order to play ALAC files in Windows Media Player (this may be another forum's discussion). Or, should I just convert the LPs to MP3 files at 320 kpbs? File size will not be a problem because I will have ample HDD storage space. My goal is to digitize my LP collection in the best quality format for playback on my computer and burning to CDs.
  5. I have a legit registered copy of Easy Media Creator 9 installed on my main HDD on my Windows XP computer. I have a 2nd HDD on this computer on which I will install Windows 7 beta. How can I install my copy of Creator 9 on the 2nd HDD under Windows 9 beta. I would think this is possible since it is on the same physical computer.
  6. corndale

    Bias Soundsoap

    I am considering upgrading to Creator 2009 Ultimate for the BIAS SoundSoap. Is the version which is integrated into Ultimate version 2.0? Does the integrated version differ from the stand alone version? If so, in what specific ways.
  7. When I boot up in Windows XP Service Pak 3 I get the following error messages Runtime Error! Program:..es\Common Files\Roxio Shared\9.0\SharedCOM\RoxWatch9.exe - The application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information OK Buffer overrun detected! Program:...s\Roxio Shared\9.0\SharedCOM\RoxWatchTray9.exe - A buffer overun has been detected which has corrupted the program's internal state. The program cannot safely continue execution and must now be terminated. OK Runtime Error! Program:...ommon Files\Roxio Shared\9.0\SharedCOM\RoxWatchTray9.exe - R6025 - pure vitual function call The solution offered by Roxio is as follows: "Buffer Overrun" message when launching Easy Media Creator 9 Rate this article: Article Details ID Number: 000115CR Products: Easy Media Creator 9 WinOnCD 9 OS: Issue When launching Easy Media Creator 9 Home, application from Roxio Home, or starting the computer, the following message appears: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Buffer overrun detected! The following applications may be referenced in the error: Roxio_Central33.exe RoxWatch9.exe RoxWatchTray9.exe Resolution Roxio has created a hot fix to fix this issue which can be downloaded here. NOTE: Please temporarily disable any anti-virus/internet security/firewall software on your computer before the patch is applied. Once downloaded (preferably to your desktop so you can find it easily), simply double click it. The fix will applied without any dialog messaging and you will not need to reboot your computer. Unfortunately, this patch did not resolve the problem. How can I resolve this issue?
  8. corndale

    No Sound In CinePlayer

    I recently installed and activated Easy Media Creator 9. When I insert video DVDs in my primary or secondary DVD drives for playback in CinePlayer, whether store bought or homemade, I do not get sound. The picture is fine. I have no problem with sound and picture when I use CyberLink Power DVD 7.2 Deluxe. Also, no problem with sound when playing audio CDs and music files with Windows Media Player 11 and Real Player 10. I have WinXP Home SP2 with 768mb, C drive-WD 320G & D drive-Hitachi 60G HDs, primary DVD burner is Pioneer DVR-112D, slave DVD player is Lite-On SHD-16P15, Creative Professional E-MU sound card with audio output connected from DVD burners to sound card and Altec Lansing VS4121 powered speakers. The sound is not muted in CinePlayer. Increasing the volume in CinePlayer does not produce sound. I checked all options with no success. Can anyone offer a solution to this problem?