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  1. Cdanteek: I did as you suggested, I even uninstalled the program and reinstalled it with everything turned off (including my anti-virus) during installation and I still get the same error no matter which combination of drives I use to copy from/to. I made sure that all programs are updated through windows update, and the drivers are up to date as well. Guru: I have tried several brands of CDR's, Memorex, RiData, Imation, to name a few. All have the same error. As I said no matter what configuration of drives I use to burn from/to I am still getting this error. not sure what to do next...
  2. Sorry, I guess I misunderstood your intentions in the messsage earlier. I did as you suggested with removing the drives and I still get the same error as before. I have done all of this previously, with C2011 prior to upgrading. short of restoring my pc back to a point well b efore the suspected windows update that infected the program, I am at a total loss. Thanks for all the input so far.
  3. The email was from someone called "cdanteek", not sure but my email address must be tied to my login here. I get this error when I try to copy from one drive to another: Sense: 00 ASC: 00 ASCQ: 00 (Command 00) Px.dll: PxAFS.DLL: pxdrv.dll: 1.02.61a PxMas.dll: PxSFS.DLL: PxWave.dll: pxwma.dll: 1, 0, 0, 3 I have attached the DX.Diag.txt file you asked for as well. I also ran it as a 64 bit version if you need to see that. Thanks for your input. Kevin P.S. I CAN do this function with Windows media player and Nero 12. Just not Creator 11 or 12 anymore... DxDiag.txt DxDiag64bit.txt
  4. The reason I appended the existing topic/conversation is that it appears that theirs was never resolved either. I was not attempting to "hijack" their topic, I was merely adding to it. Whoever emailed me with these comments needs to back off and pay attention before sending out their comments!
  5. I am having exactly the same problem that this user is having. It started with C2011 after a windows update and I upgraded to C2012 (and even bought new burners) and the issue continues. This is tied to a windows update sometime around September 2011 but I have not been able to determine which one as yet. The problem continues to plague me.
  6. I have ECDC 9, does anyone know if I can take several individual tracks and record them into 1 long track?