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  1. bastelpeter

    Backontrack Find Not Ssd

    Hi, i have Creator NXT 4 with BackOnTrack (v17.0.70.2). I wanted a complet backup from my first HDD - OCZ Vector150 SSD with Windows 10/64 pro. BackOnTrack find not this SSD as a source. This SSD has GPT-Partition. Here lies the cause ? My secound HDD with MBR-Partition is recognized as a source. THX for answer.
  2. bastelpeter

    No Login In German Forum ...

    No, i think there is no moderator for the german forum . The last visit by a moderator was on 2007-21-03
  3. bastelpeter

    No Login In German Forum ...

    But unfortunately that is not good
  4. bastelpeter

    No Login In German Forum ...

    Thanks for your help.
  5. bastelpeter

    No Login In German Forum ...

    Login via Smartphone (Android) is correct (see screenshot "login_andr") Login via Windows Webbrowser (IE or Opera) is not correct (see screenshot "login_win") What can i do ?? Thx
  6. bastelpeter

    No Login In German Forum ...

    Hi, When i login the german forum, i will immediately be forwarded to the us forum. Hence no login in german forum is possible. what can i do ? THX
  7. Hi, I have some questions in the German forum to Creator 6PE-Freeware (WinOnCD 6PE) . There is the problem that will require a password / key to install. This is not provided by Roxio / Corel available. How can this version to be installed ? THX for Information. http://forumsde.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=10761
  8. bastelpeter

    User Manual For Roxio Photosuite 5.0 Platinum

    Please visit follow amazon-website http://www.amazon.com/PhotoSuite-Version-Roxio-USERS-1996-2003/dp/B006QALEWQ
  9. bastelpeter

    How To Choose Audiofile From Dvd ?

    I have received support from the following feedback : "Dear Mr., It is unfortunately a bug, which was forwarded to the development team. Currently, there is no solution. We apologize for the inconvenience! Sincerely, Corel Customer Support" .....remains to be seen......
  10. Yes, i have installed Win on Cd into a Moderator account. The installation file of the plugin, I had occasion in compatibility mode (XP/SP3), all without success.
  11. On the german support is not a help. Very little user visit the german community. So i will write here.
  12. Hi, my new problem is the installation plugin "Video Effects" in WinOnCD 2012. Error-Screenshot (Installation under WinOnCD 2011 - no problem - all correct.) And WinOnCD 2012 ????? This plugin is released for winoncd 2012 There is a trick to install this plugin under 2012 ??? THX (P.S. Thank to "Google" Translator)
  13. bastelpeter

    How To Choose Audiofile From Dvd ?

    Hi Brendon, exactly, that's the problem.
  14. bastelpeter

    How To Choose Audiofile From Dvd ?

    The source is a video-dvd with soundtrack 1- english and 2- german. "Roxio Audio Converter" convert only track 1 to mp3 audiofile and track 2 ?????
  15. Hi, How to choose "german audiofile" (position 2) from DVD (roxio audio converter)? Thank You.