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    Is Roxio Media 8 compatiblewith...

    Hi James, Did you work with Vegas and DVD architect?
  2. yourgos

    Is Roxio Media 8 compatiblewith...

    Hi sknis, Yes...I meant having them at the same time. I hate to say it but, I'm looking for alternatives to EMC. I think Sony Vegas and DVD Architect seem to be more stable and have a lot more features and control. I know that there is a big coct difference, but you get what you pay for. I've groan a liitle tired of the "EMC has encoutered a Problem" or the hangs or the long time it takes to burn a DVD only to find that it doesn't work right. I'll use EMC for my muisc only...so I think. Has anyone else had better luck with the Sony products?
  3. Hi All, Does anyone know if I can use Sony Vegas and DVD Architect with Roxio 8?
  4. yourgos

    Video out synch with audio

    I read that thread....seems like a lot of work to get something that corrected that shouldn't happen in the first place.
  5. Hi All, I recently discovered that my Audio is out of Synch when I burned my DVD project. It looks fine in the preview, but goes out of synch when I burn the disc. I applied the hot fix for this and it still didn't work. I tried burning as an image first, still out of synch. Out of desperation, I took the MPEG video and converted in to an AVI format. It became significantly larger (as expected) but is now appears that the video is in synch with the audio. Why...I have no idea. Has any one else encountered such a problem and how did they correct it?
  6. yourgos

    What is an Overlay?

    Sknis, I thank you for taking the time to give me this very informative explanation! I'm old enough to remember the shows Dallas and the Brady Bunch so I got a good visual of what you described. I'll play around with it and see if it works with my current DVD project. Thanks Again!
  7. yourgos

    What is an Overlay?

    Hi All, Pardon my ignorance but, what is an overlay? How it used in a DVD production? I've changed backgrouds on a DVD production with my own imges or with video clips for animation. I'm just not clear on how an overlay is best used. As always, I thank you for any help!
  8. Hi All, I'm about to take the leap towards Ver 9 from Ver 8. Did they remove any funtionality? I read that in Ver 10, Disc Copier and some others are gone. Thanks in advance for any replies!
  9. Hi All, I have to admit...I'm a little apprehensive about upgrading to version 9 based on what I reading. Is it worth the effort? Version 8 seems to running OK on my system. What advantages will I gain (if any) by going to version 9? The sad thing is I bought version 9 and I'm afraid to try to install it. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Hello All, Should I uninstall version 8 Deluxe prior to installing version 9? Sorry if this has been asked before...I'm just trying to avoid any problems prior to ugrading to verion 9. Thanks G
  11. yourgos

    Divx to DVD

    Hello All, I have two Divx file that I want to merge inot one and burn in to DVD. Basicly, it's two parts of amovie that I want to burn on to one DVD. I have a dual layer burner. I'm using version 8.5 Deluxe. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. yourgos

    XP Blue Screen

    Yes I did. I removed that when I fist got my Dell and I beleive it was EMC 7 that I installed. I really appreciate all the effort you folks put into solving problems. I know this is not a support center. I usually don't have any problems with Roxio. The problems I have had were already found by someone else and usually with a resolution. That's why I posted the question here. Thanks
  13. yourgos

    XP Blue Screen

    Hi Thanks for repsonding. I'm running XP Pro -SP2 I've using Roxio sice the 4 series. I un-installed 7.5 (which never gave this problem) and installed Deluxe 8. I'm On a Dell 3.0 Gig with 1 gig of RAM. Never had a problem before this
  14. Hello All, Has anyone else encountered this...after I installed Deluxe 8 and I use disc copier or music creator (so far that's all I've been using) when I shou sown my computer I get the XP Blue screen inicating that I'm geeting this screen because of the last piece of hardware or software I insatlled. Never had this problem prior to installing Deluxe 8 Has anyone else had a similar experience? Thanks
  15. Hello Everyone, I would like to put back 7.5 on my machine after installing vesion 8. I have the 7.0 disc and I dowloaded the 7.5 upgrade. The problem is I can't find the 7.5 upgrade. I registered it and I can see my Key id online. Any idea I how I can get another copy of it? Thanks for your help!