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    Cheers, Is there a manual for v3 of Creator availble and if so, where can we download it? Rgds Jens
  2. JePeRox

    Nxt 2 Purchased, Nxt Received

    Hello, a Roxio employee sent me a link to a full downloadable version finally, so with a one week delay I got NXT 2 finally. Thx to those helping ! @Jinker: The upgrade itself is indeed a lil´disappointing and what one might call a downgrade (as beside of the mentioned it lacks new features and old ones as PSP were removed).
  3. JePeRox

    Nxt 2 Purchased, Nxt Received

    Unbelievable. After one week, a half dozen of e-mails with explanations (and even screenshots) they fail to understand / solve the issue but keep sending the same crap again and again and again ... ?!?!?!?!?!? I paid for NXT 2, got NXT. Is it that hard to understand? Moving on to Nero now.
  4. Hello, I purchased "Creator NXT 2" a few minutes ago as an online upgrade. I started immediately to download ... ... just to find out that I did not receive v2, but the first version I am using for almost one year now. I already sent an e-mail to digitalriver(dot)com, but maybe someone over at Corel / Roxio can provide a fixed link? Regards, Jens
  5. How to reproduce: - Open VCC. - Klick options. - Close options windows using the "OK" button. - Wait a second. OS is Windows 7 32 bit; CPU is a Phenom 2 X4 965, graphics cards are two HD 5770 @crossfire.