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  1. Brendon, Thank you for your effort. I really appreciate it! Stilt
  2. Hi Brendon, I dug through some 3 year old backups and finally found some that weren't compressed. I found the Creator NXT files. I can get by with what I have for now, but eventually I'd still like to find out if the Creator NXT backup files can be restored by Creator NXT 4. I have a lot of old backups. Sorry for the trouble, but if you did determine anything, I would like to know. Thank you!!! Stilt
  3. I used Roxio Creator NXT to backup a "Data" drive (partition) to DVDs. I would think the new versions of Roxio's software would be backwards compatible in case someone has data on an old CD/DVD and needs to restore it (I would hate to think someone would have to dig out and install old software to access the data). I wouldn't think Roxio would change the backup format unless they came up with a better way of doing things. I did a download when I purchased the software, but I can't find the disk I made. The file on my hard-drive got deleted when I tried a Windows 10 upgrade (I got careless). If I can find a download of the file somewhere online, I should be able to use my product key and re-install the my original NXT, but I always worry about viruses. Once I have access to my backups, I'll have my Roxio download. Kind of a "catch 22".
  4. Can Creator NXT 4 restore hard-drive backups from CDs/DVDs made with earlier versions of Creator NXT?
  5. Stilt

    Creator Nxt2 - Hd Video Capture?

    Hi REDWAGON, You're using "Studio". I looked before, and I double checked after your post: "Cinema" doesn't appear to have that option. I'm not sure if "Studio" would wok with the "Cinema" webcam because it would probably try to install a different driver, so that brigs me back to the original question: "Does NXT2 allow "Capture Video" to record in 1280 x 720 HD resolution?" (My current NXT version does not.) If NXT2 doesn't have the HD, I may try "Studio" (Both "Studio" and "Cinema" are version 3.6, so MAYBE they would be compatible.) Thanks for the input.
  6. Stilt

    Creator Nxt2 - Hd Video Capture?

    Hi Jim, The webcam is a Microsoft LifeCam Cinema. The LifeCam software that comes with it saves the file as an .wmv file, which I can convert to MPEG4 or H.264 (whatever that is). My problem with the LifeCam software s that it will only recognize the built-in microphone and I can't select any other microphone. NXT allows me to do this. Thanks for your response.
  7. I currently have NXT and am thinking about upgrading to NXT2. Will "Video Capture" capture my HD webcam in the HD 1280 x 720 resolution? It is not an option in the older NXT version. Thank you.