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  1. I will describe what happen to me. I was doing a photoshow with my PhotoShow #5. I have already finished more than a 1/2 of it, including the addition of my MP3 music. From one day to the other, I couldn't continue as I couldn't add any other MP3 into the same photoshow and I was folowing the same procedure. I click on the "choose MP3" tab on the Soundtrack Jukebox screen, in the next screen that pop up that tell you to 'look in", I choose "desktop" from the list and then I click the option "new folder" which is were I have the MP3, but the option doesn't open the list of MP3 in order to choose the next one to be added into the photoshow. I have tried several times, but doesn't let me go through. Could you help me with this problem? Thank you very much.
  2. peter white

    How To Put The Mp3 Into A Photoshow (Photoshow #5)

    I got a message but say nothing about my posting ( Nov 25). I wondering if any one is going to give me a hand in that problem. Peter White
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    Adding Mp3 File To Photoshow

    Please, I need the steps that follow, to add my MP3 music to a photoshow. I going to the step clicking on MP3 music, hilight one of the songs, but when I click on "open" it doesn't goes to the next step on "playback" -> music to iniciate the photoshow
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    Roxio Photoshow Premium

    Thank you Sknis for your good intentions to help me If Roxio Photoshow Premium is the upgrading of Photoshow $5, how come it didn't keep the good fixture of adding more than one MP3 to a photoshow as Photoshow #5 can? The answers given as a solution for this problem, are not clear and going into other procedures if any one want some result, it sais nothing good for Roxio P. S. Premium. If Photoshow was easy to use, I think Roxio P.S. Premium should be much better, and it is not.
  5. peter white

    Roxio Photoshow Premium

    How can I add a song (or more songs) after the first song finish in the same photoshow. I will appreciate your help. Thank you.
  6. peter white

    Roxio Photoshow Premium

    I tried what you said in "Read this". It doesn't work. I made a new photoshow, and added two Mp3 songs in the music list. After finished the first song, it doesn't add the second one I choose. it just repeat the same first song.