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  1. I cannot find my order number anywhere in my email - I don't have my banking account anymore and have done away with my debit card - so I don't even know the last 5 digits. I get a message everytime I open up MusicLab and it says that there are files missing and I don't know where these files are! I just hit "cancel" over and over until it opens it up completely. Then I can do anything I want. I purchased this program online and got the thing that says you can download over again and from another computer if yours crashes or whatever - it was extra to get that - but as for my invoice in my email - no luck. The program works - just after hitting "cancel" and then it works fine. I don't know if I should be concerned about this or just let it be - but it's so frustrating! Anybody know how to find your order number? I have my serial number