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  1. I downloaded and registered products to a computer that was stolen from me. How can I download them again to the new computer I have bought to replace the stolen computer? I did not buy the DVD, but hope I can download them again like I did 2 months ago. Roxio MYDVD 10 Premier Roxio MyDVD Video Lab 10 Roxio Creator NXT ​Thanks for your assistance. ​Dougbeyer
  2. Yes, I have made my own, but I'd like to transfer them from my office computer to my home computer and I cannot find the filenames anywhere on my hard drive. Where are they hidden?
  3. I've had exactly the same problem. It is strange that Roxio/Sonic would quit selling what their customers want! Doug Beyer
  4. dougbeyer

    Menu Styles

    I am offered only 5 menu styles on my copy of DVD 10. When I click on "more styles" it opens my browser to the Roxio homepage, but I can't find any download options for new menu styles. Where are they and how do I download them? Dougbeyer