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    Tivo Transfer - Waiting Forever

    Resetting the TIVO (by unplugging it) solved the problem. Thank you!
  2. mrfkl-a10

    Tivo Transfer - Waiting Forever

    thank you for your reply. I am running Toast 10 Titanium 10.0.8 and Tivo Transfer 2.0 I checked for updates on Toast and it says that I have the latest version. There is no apparent way to check for updates on Tivo Transfer (is there?) Am I running on the correct software? Thank you
  3. When I select a program from my TIVO DVR to transfer to my mac, the transfer appears to start but it never advances. It sits at "0K of 1.2GB - waiting" for ever. I have already tried trashing my toast and tiro transfer preferences but this did not work. I trashed the following files: com.roxio.Toast.plist com.tivo.desktop.plist Roxio Toast Prefs Are there other files I need to trash? I'm using Mac OS 10.6.7 and the Beta version of Tivo transfer that is supposed to be required for this version of OS X. My transfers used to work, but they stopped working. This happened once before and I recall that simply trashing the preferences files fixed the problem. However, this time it did not. What else can I try? Thank you!
  4. I use iMovie to organize my home movies and want to use Mac2Tivo to enjoy my movies on TV. This works great with analog tapes because the whole tape (1 or 2 hrs long) shows up as a TIVO program in the now playing list. I can then easily use TIVO remote to fast forward and search back and forth for the scenes I want to watch. The problem is with digital tapes however. in this case my tapes get separated into tons (i mean tons) of video clips. Each clip is a minute or shorter. Each time i hit the start/stop button on my camcorder, creates a separate clip. This cause my TIVO to show lots and lots of very short clips on the Now Playing screen and it makes it nearly impossible to enjoy my movies. You can't search using the tivo remote. Worst yet, there are way too many clicks of the remote just to watch a short clip. What are good solutions to this issue?
  5. I recently installed toast 10, including the update from the internet. when I run mac2Tivo the icon goes on the dock and nothing else happens. However i noticed that the mac2Tivo app is "not responding" under the "force quit" menu. Any ideas what causes this? In case this matters, i had in the past installed Tivo Desktop for the mac. This enabled me to share photos and music to my Tivo, but not movies. i got toast so I can also view my imovie events on my tivo/tv. Does Tivo desktop conflict with toast? (if so, i'm not sure how to uninstall it as i'm new to the mac. the tivo desktop app does not show up in the applications folder). Thank you.
  6. mrfkl-a10

    Cant Update Toast 10

    Thank you. This worked!
  7. mrfkl-a10

    Cant Update Toast 10

    I just installed toast 10 in my imac. I got a message that an update was available. I downloaded the huge update file but now I can't update my installation. I'm fairly new to the mac, so perhaps i'm doing something wrong. Here is what i'm doing: The huge update file ended up in my downloads folder I double clicked on the downloaded update called "Toast 10 Titanium Updater" (408MB) This opened a new window showing a Toast 10 titanium folder, and arrow pointing to the right to the "Applications" folder, anda documentation folder. I dragged the Toast 10 Titanium folder inside this window to the applications folder in the same window. (is this the proper procedure to apply the update??) When i do this i get an error message saying "a newer item named "toast 10 Titanium" already exists in this location. Do you want to replace...? I hit the "replace" button Then i get another error: "The operation cannot be completed because you not have sufficient privileges for some of the items" What am I doing wrong? Thank you.