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  1. Thak you for your prompt reply. I was comfident that the software is safe however I thought that perhaps someone here has run into this issue (I think more mcafee issue than roxio) and could direct me to a solution. Once again thanks Just in case others are having a problem The suggestion to turn off active protection while fil eis downloading works great. Thanks people
  2. I can't get a hold of anyone from Roxio. I am trying to re downlaod my software after a hardrive failure and I can't becuase McAfee is blocking the download . It says it detects a trojan. Hmmmmmm! Can someone suggest How I can contact them since they seem not to answer emails customer service requests very quickly?
  3. CapStone

    Only see 5 Menu Themes

    Thanks Jim will be sure to wear my shades next time.
  4. CapStone

    Only see 5 Menu Themes

    So thank you. I did redownload the application. Made note of the file size and it appears that the problem is a typical ID10T error. I was just so darned eager to create, I guess I paused the download so only had a partial content exe which is why it was not recognized as a WIN32 valid file. Thanks again
  5. CapStone

    Only see 5 Menu Themes

    Thank you Malatekid. I have Vista 64 bit all service packs installed. I purchased online and downloaded through Roxio site...and I was really hoping that you were not going to give me the advice to re-download.....but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Thanks again for the quick reply!
  6. CapStone

    Only see 5 Menu Themes

    Yeah I thought that might be it but I am unsure how to go back and install the content file. I have this file in my downloads folder FP19AZS0SQA_EMC11Content_7Lang but if I click on it it just says that it is not a valid Win32 file Is there a help file on this or is it a quick reply
  7. CapStone

    Only see 5 Menu Themes

    I am using Roxio Creator 2009 Ultimate. When using myDVD I can only see 5 menu themes. I thought that there were a whole lot more than that but am unable to get them. Can someone help me?