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    Cuda Support Oi Nxt 3

    On the product pages iat roxio.com it says "ATI Stream® and CUDA™ acceleration only available with AMD ATI Stream and NVIDIA® CUDA enabled graphics cards". Nividia discontinued CUDA encoding since drivers 340.52 as it has been replaced by NVENC. So has NXT 3 been updated to use NVENC or is it using an outdated CUDA encoding? Thanks
  2. thegilpins

    Roxio Cuda & Nvenc Support

    Hi, Since Nvidia driver 340.43 CUDA video encoding has been discontinued and is being replaced with NVENC instead. Therefore I can no longer use CUDA to encode videos within VideoWave. Does Roxio plan to update the product to support NVENC? Thanks
  3. thegilpins

    Roxio Cuda & Nvenc Support

    Thanks for the reply, but you didn't answer my question - will Roxio provide support now for video encoding using an nvidia gpu? Thanks
  4. I know this is an older thread but I had the same issue. The issue for me was that the virtual drive was not uninstalled properly from the previous version of NXT. I uninstalled the original driver and resinstalled NXT2 without issue on Win 8.1 64-bit. The other factor that seems to be important was the existence of the Windows temp directory (usually C:\Windows Temp). I had moved mine to a Ram drive but Windows had yet to create any files and therefore it did not exist. Once I created the directory the installer ran fine. Without this directory in existence some roxio programs such as VideoWave crashed on start.
  5. Hi, When I try and erase a rewritable CD within NXT the program just hangs. This occurs when I try and ease disc from the Tools menu or with say within Burn Audio. I can erase the disc in Windows Computer (right click drive and then erase disc), but just not within NXT. I have tried this on two combo drives and both have the same problem. This worked fine on Windows 7 but only has occured on Windows 8. I have done a clean install of NXT but this hasn't made any difference. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  6. I have tried the following: - Windows explorer / media player - Cyberlink Power2Go - JRiver Media Centre None of them have any issues on Win 8x64 Pro, so there is not a problem with my PC. A reinstall did nto work, so where do I go next?
  7. Jim, Thanks for trying. As per my original post I did do a clean reinstall and that did not solve it. For the reinsatll I turned off AV and check updates.
  8. Hi, I upgraded my PC from Windows 7 64bit to Windows 8 Pro this weekend and since then I cannot load an emulated drive as it times out. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Roxio virtual drive, but doesnt make any difference. Any suugestions?
  9. Hi, I am using VideoWave to convert videos from one format to another, e.g. M2TS to MP4 or MPEG2 to MP4. I usually select Blu-ray AVC HQ or AVCHD 1920x1080/24p for the video quality. My issue is that all the video quality options only allow stereo sound output, e.g. MainConcept AAC Encoder, stereo, 48Khz, 16bit. There are no sound options for 5.1 surround sound, even if the source video has 5.1 sound. Is there a way to change this? Is this a limitation of VideoWave? How do I keep 5.1 sound when converting video formats? Thanks in advance.
  10. I have been using Roxio Creater 2011 successfully without any problems when creating Audio CD's. But I recently upgraded by DVD drive to the Samsung SH-B123 - http://www.samsung.com/us/business/oem-solutions/storage-devices/odd/products/worlds-fastest-blu-ray-combo-drives.html Now when I create CD-RW audio disks I get some noise corruption (e.g. pops and cracks), but if I use the Cyberlink Power2Go software that comes with the new drive there is no issue. I am using Verbatim CD-RW 12X disks. I assume there is some small incompatitbility with the Roxio software and the new drive? Any ideas? I have the latest drive firmware. I am using Windows 7 64 bit if that matters.
  11. Thanks for the link but this is not the problem. I get audio problems with the disk in multiple CD players including my car if I burn with Roxio 2011. Not a WMP issue this one.
  12. Hi, did you manage to replicate the problem? I have done some further testing and the problem occurs with both Create Music Disc Projects and Burn Audio CDs (despite initially thinking it was ok with Create Music Disc Projects). With the first burn of a CD-RW it works ok without any sound corruption but on subsequent burns there is sound corruption. I wonder whether Roxio 11 does not erase the disk properly first. Thanks
  13. Both Roxio and Cyberlink erase them without a problem. I tried Create Music Disc Projects and that works. Thank you for the suggestion. So why does Create Music Disc Projects work but Burn Audio CDs not? Thanks
  14. Thanks for the reply. CD-R work ok, my problem is only with CR-RW (which I keep re-using for podcasts etc to listen to in the car whilst driving). Burn speed is x10. Roxio only offers me this or max. Source files are the same and they are MP3 files. I am using "Burn Audio CDs" within Roxio Creator 2011 Pro. Yes I purchased a full retail version and have all service packs installed.
  15. I have not used Cineplayer for a few weeks, but tried to use it today and it plays all video types in black and white. Audio is fine, picture quality fine but no colour! It did not do this when I last used it. I have version 5.6.C07 Build: 561B73A on a Windows 7 64 bit machine. Anyone have any ideas? Is there an option for this or do I need to do a reinstall?
  16. Thank you for your feedback I have now solved it. I removed the pagefile on my C drive and am just using a page file on my second drive. For some reason PhotoSuite did not like the small pagefile I had on my C drive.
  17. I mainly use my other Roxio products but the other night I tried to use PhotoSuite to edit a JPEG picture. When trying to open a picture of size 3MB I was given the message "not enough memory to open the picture". Note that I did not have an issue using MSPaint to edit the picture and no other programs have ever complained about a lack of memory on my system. I have Windows 7 64bit with 8Gb or RAM and no more than 3Gb RAM shows as being used in Windows Task Manager. Two changes I have recently made to my PC may influence this: - Added a 1Gb RAMDrive for Windows temp files and Browser Cache, but this has plenty of capacity - Altered my pagefile sizes to improve performance. On my C drive I reduced the size to 32MB and on another drive I set as System managed which Windows assigned as 8Gb, so overall I have ample pagefiles for a system that has so much RAM My thoughts are that the small page file on the C drive could cause Roxio PhotoSuite a problem, but if so that is poor coding! Anyone else had this problem? Is there a work around? Thanks in advance.
  18. Thanks for the response. At the time I was only trying to open 3 pictures. I did close PhotoSuite and restart but that did not help. I recently did delete all my temp files so it cannot be that. Any other ideas?
  19. Yes I have thought about it being the sound driver, but as it happens on both Soundblaster and Realtek cards I am not so sure. Also no other software has an issue with the sound driver updates, whether games or Vista. For me problem lies somewhere with Creator 2009. Glad to hear it is not just me. Any more ideas? Interesting to note that this is not an issue for Windows users that have never run Cineplayer. The issue only occurs for Windows users that have run Cineplayer before the Audio driver update. Does this happen to anyone else?
  20. Hi, wondered if anyone can help me. I have used Creator 2009, including Cineplayer, sucessfully for months. I have the Sp4 patch installed. I am running Cineplayer on three PC's, one with Vista Home Premium 32bit and the other two are Vista Home Premium 64bit. The problem I get is that Cineplayer will not play DVD's after updating the sound drivers. The Cineplayer window just briefly flashes and then nothing happens, no error messages are displayed. This happens on all three PC's and note they all have different sound cards, one has Realtek and other two have Creative Soundblaster (different models). No other program on the PC has an issue when the sound drivers are updated. I have tried a clean install of Creator 2009 and this makes no difference. What is weird through is if I create a new Windows Vista user they have no problems using Cineplayer. It is as if something gets corrupted in the existing windows users data / registry setting. Note that any existing Windows user is affected not just the user that did the audio drivers update. It makes no difference either if the user is admin or limited. This issue does not occur if I update the nVidia video drivers, it is just the sound driver updates that cause the problem with Cineplayer. Anyone have any ideas what this is? I do not want to have to create new windows users and copy data across everytime I update sound drivers, just to be able to use Cineplayer?
  21. Hi, I was trying out different codecs with my TV viewing application and it seems to have affected the codec used with Cineplayer 5. When I run Cineplayer it is now using the ffdshow video / audio codec rather than the Roxio one (which I assume is Cinemaster). I know this because an ffdshow audio icon appears in the windows tray. I get audio but no video. I do not know how to resolve this. I tried a clean install of Creator 2009 earlier and that did not work. It seems that Vista is overriding Cineplayer choice of Codec. Can anyone help? I am using Vista 32 Home Premium. I have been using Cineplayer successfully for months. The problem also was affecting DVD within WMP but the clean install solved this. I have also am using Creator 2009 SP4.
  22. thegilpins

    Problem with Cineplayer Codec

    That may be the case but I think it would have helped if within CinePlayer it would give you an explicit option to choose the codec rather than leaving it to the priority of the filters, much like the MS Media Center Decoder Utility offers.
  23. thegilpins

    Problem with Cineplayer Codec

    I was coming to the same conclusion. I also did a system restore yesterday and then reloaded any recent software / driver updates to try and find the cause of the problem. The issue is caused by loading the latest Soundblaster X-Fi Fatal1ty driver available at http://support.creative.com/downloads/welc...erType=1#type_1 This driver seems to add in the DirectShow FFD (ffdshow) codec, which from what I read is used more within Windows 7 than it is Vista. Anyway this driver stops Cineplayer working for existing windows users, but interestingly for new windows users, when Cineplayer is run for the first time windows asks whether ffdshow codec should be used. Answering 'no' means that Cineplayer works successfully. Why this choice is not given to existing windows users is beyond me. I shall raise the issue with Soundblaster support.
  24. thegilpins

    Problem with Cineplayer Codec

    Hi, by users I mean Windows users created via Control Panel -> User Accounts. If I create a new windows user then CinePlayer works fine. It is just three existing users that do not work. I ran MS Media Center Decoder Utility and for Video I have "Microsoft MPEG-2 Video Decoder" and for Audio I have "Microsoft MPEG-1/DD Audio Decoder". Note that Media Player and Media Centre still both play DVD successfully.
  25. thegilpins

    Problem with Cineplayer Codec

    Hi, I have managed to stop ffdshow decoder working with Cineplayer but is still seems to be using the wrong codec. For new windows users I create cineplayer works fine, so for the existing users there must be a cineplayer setting somewhere that defines what codec to use, maybe in the registry. Can someone help here?