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    dvd Video Menu titles?

    Digial Guru, Thanks for responding; Like I said, I hope experienced Toast users keep this thread alive, if for no other reasons, to keep people like myself from attempts to create menu and sub-menu features that CAN'T be done with Toast. Thanks, Mike
  2. Mike Gouzie

    dvd Video Menu titles?

    I sure hope this thread continues, and that something good comes from contributions from users and from Roxio itself. I am a two-month-old newbie to Toast 10, and really want to learn how to use it because of HiDef burning that can't be done using Apple's iDVD. I have this fantastic Canon HV30 hi-def camcorder and the only way to show my edited movies in High Definition is to play them back on the camera. So far, I am disappointed with Toast 10 for the inability to do DVD authoring, (titling, Scene Selection menus, importing images and AIF music files to menus, menu navigation, etc) with the ease that iDVD provides; if Apple were to come out with HDV/BluRay capability from within iDVD, I'd dump Toast in a heartbeat. If somebody is doing all of this with Toast, I wish they would provided some detail work flow procedures for the rest of us; the information in the users manual is not enough for me. Thank in Advance, Mike
  3. Newbie to Roxio Toast. I have installed successfully version 10.0, have burned a short BluRay video onto a standard DVD,..... but have been unable to get it to play on PlayStation 3. I thought I better upgrade to the newer version and see if the problem would be solved. Instead things have gotten worse. Anyone able to point me to some detailed procedures for upgrading to 10.0.4 ? After having removed Toast 10 from my Applications folder, as recommended by the message to either rename or remove contents of the Toast 10.0 file, I downloaded and installed the "DMG" file, and thought installation went successfully. I went back and reloaded the CD and reinstalled the BluRay plugin. I then launched Toast version 10.0.4, get the Loading pane, I can select different functions, but when I drag a movie file into the BluRay pane or the DVD pane, and it proceeds to "reading files" process, and within a minute or so, Toast 10 suddenly quits and screen issues a message asking if I want to report the action to Apple. I have done this twice, with similar results, and have reinstalled 10.0 from purchased CD; 10.0 seems to work fine and allows me to load video clips and complete a burned BluRay DVD, which I have as yet not seen playback on a Playstation. I suspect that more has to be done to completely remove the initial installation, before one can initiate the upgrade, that is more than trashing the Toast 10 Titanium installation folder. There must be other "things" scattered through the system that must also be trashed? Is there a Toast 10 Uninstaller that must be used? Help!.....this is crazy; there must be someone out there who had similar problems? I wish Roxio had sent me a CD with the 10.0.4 version already on it ! Thanks in Advance, Mike