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    MPEG 2 Activation Fails!

    I have the mpeg 2 activation problem. After much effort, I got emc 10 to install -- it had kept saying "insufficient disc space." I did a clean install with all the instructions given and it went through the complete installation and finished. But the "need to activate mpeg 2", "no permission" and "bad installation" message came up when I tried to start "capture". I had a message from tech support regarding emc 9 that there was a patch to be downloaded if there was trouble with mpeg 2. It is no longer available and I don't find one for emc 10. It seems that there should be. Is there? Will there be? Thanks. Ross Olson
  2. I have a related problem and I am glad to see that some people are able to actually get EMC to connect to their Digital Video camera. I cannot get Videowave to even recognize the camera. The box for "device" is blank, even when I turn the camera on "record" and start it. Also the button to output does not function. What is the secret? Thanks. Ross Olson I added a question.
  3. rossolson

    Sound Delay

    My capture card was from Dell, made by Emuzed. I got in touch with them and was able to update the drivers for the video and audio capture which solved the problem. Just thought I'd record that.
  4. rossolson

    Sound Delay

    The Video itself is OK but the initially captured file is delayed before editing.
  5. rossolson

    Sound Delay

    According to the "Help and Support Center" I have Dell Movie Studio Video Device and Dell Movie Studio Audio device (on the dialogue box with Media Creator it calls it "Dell Movie Studio Wav") I put the Video Casette in a VHS player connected to (excuse the lack of technical vocabulary) the capture card by way of a device that takes in a three wire connector and connectss to the computer by a 15 wire female rhomboid shaped connector held in place by scews. I choose the Video and Audio devices in the dialoge boxed. (It also offered Creative SB live! Serios but whn I chose that, there was no sound and when I tried to update that driver, a warning came up that it may conflict with the system.) I then chose the location and name for the file, the "general purpose editing best quality" setting, then started the tape and clicked "Capture Now". Whan done, I saved the file. In Edit, I edited off the first and last parts which were just static and saved it. I saved it as a production. then since it was already in .mpg format, I went to create DVD, created and saved the project then burned to disc. I also tried thae alternative step of going from the viedo project to "Output as" .mpg and made a DVD of that. Either way seemed to producce the same problem. Thanks for your help. Ross Olson PS I now recall that this Capture Card was made for Dell by EMUZED. there was a bug initially that made it very spotty to capture analogue -- it only worked if you had just switched from digital capture. That was eventually fixed by a 2/19/03 patch from EMUZED. At the time I had the Videowave program that come with the computer which was apparetnly lower than 6. Sound delay was a problem off and on but usually defragmenting and cleaning the drive helped. I just upgraded to 8.
  6. rossolson

    Sound Delay

    I have recently updated to Roxio Creator Suite 8. Capturing from VHS and recording to DVD, there is a brief delay from the visual to the corresponding audio. This is true despite defragmenting and using disc cleanup. Any suggestions?
  7. rossolson

    Scene detect produces blank frames

    Thanks. I tried that and it did not work. I am going to update.
  8. I have Videowave Movie Creator from Dell. It worked fine a few weeks ago. Now when I do scene detect, after the first few scenes, the frames are gray-blank. If I click on them, I DO get the scene. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled. I do have a new anti spam program. Could that be the problem?