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    Black Screens In Burning A Slide Show

    Well I guess problem is solved. Reduced size of all pics, no more black screens though why some pics and not others (all roughly the same size)??; never did find out why I got error code 8004520c as I saved project and still got error code, then next day voila no error code! (No I did not reboot computer either) This program is as buggy as all get out, dont think I'll go this route again
  2. feverishguy

    Black Screens In Burning A Slide Show

    Well, I've tried several different options, but not what you had suggested since it would mean recreating the slideshow in its entirety all over again. Sigh, I did what you suggested and still having issue: 8004520c error, which I didnt have before. I have a related question though. I also own a MacBook Pro and I was wondering if the file format for Toast is the same as for Creator NXT, either dmsm or dmsd.
  3. feverishguy

    Black Screens In Burning A Slide Show

    Neither mpg or wmv were re-encoded, THEY both encoded properly, which is why the failure of MyDVD to properly encode the slideshow from Videowave is so puzzling
  4. feverishguy

    Black Screens In Burning A Slide Show

    When I said generally the same slides I mean that sometimes a slide will encode while another time it wont. I doubt its a computer issue per se, though I cannot rule out program corruption ( cant DL copy of program at this time to reinstall yet) "fit to disk vs "best quality" doesnt seem to change anything or change any settings for encoding since file isnt big enough to overflow disk (ie manual or automatic the settings ARE the same here and outcome doesn't change) and yes, I've tried. Creating an iso file only vs creating iso file then automatically burning disc doesnt affect anything either, I've tried both ways. File size of slides doesnt seem to be an issue since other slides are similar sizes. While I can burn DVD from mpg, the quality of the pics is noticeably poorer on a big screen TV (and in past I have burned DVDs with excellent clarity.) At this time disk quality isnt an issue since I don't let the encoding process go long enough to burn once I see the black screens on the preview window; and yes, the first time I DID let it burn in case it had to do with preview only.
  5. I realize this has been brought up before, but I seem to have a slightly different issue. I have created a slide show in Videowave with transitions and audio. It previews perfectly. I can export it as mpeg2 or wmv (albeit with loss of resolution) but when I go to burn it in MyDVD it does not encode properly. I can see black screens DURING the encoding process; generally the same slides but NOT always. I have tried using both hardware and software rendering, with and without Intel enhanced for core something streaming technology. With and without Roxio AVC SmartEncode technology; Encode settings are "fit to disk" (A 30 minute movie on a 4.7GB disc) "interlaced". I run Win7 Pro, Dell XPS with I7 and 16GB Ram. DVD disk type irrelevant as I see this happening DURING the encoding process itself All updates (Win7, Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 7570)
  6. This did it for me!!!
  7. I have created several slideshows (apx 10 minutes each) using DVD Builder. Each slide show is saved as a dmsd file. How can I combine these files into a single DVD slideshow that will show a chapter button for each one, and run all the way through if the first chapter, or play, is selected? Thanks in advance. Les Oops sorry for the large text size.