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  1. I have a few programs I recorded in AVCHD format that I want to transfer to Blu Ray discs. Using Toast, I have had no problems with the execution on the conversion, but the audio from the original HD recording was too low (my fault). On Toast, Is there a way to boost the audio level during the AVCHD-to-Blu Ray conversion process? Any help would be most greatly appreciated!!
  2. SmellyCat

    Blu Ray Very Long Encoding Process

    I have been attempting to burn a 20 minute clip of an HD quality program onto Blu Ray using Toast10. After an hour and a half, it's only 35% done with the encoding process. Is there any way to speed this up using any other sort of software, enhancements (turbo?), plug-ins, etc? I'm scared to see how long it would take to burn a 3 hour program - a few days??!! Anyway, here is my workflow: 1. Using Elgato EyeTV3, save 20 minute HD clip through cable box connected to MacBook Pro via Hauppauge HD PVR. 2. Using EyeTV3, export/convert ".eyetv" formatted clip as high quality .mp4 file (1.6 GB for 20 min clip) 3. Using Toast10, attempt to burn .mp4 file to BD-R, using custom settings (avg bit rate of approx 25, no re-encoding). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!