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  1. I agree that PS 6 has improved greatly. But in PS5 I can: 1- choose random transitions. (This is what I miss most.) This is independent of any particular style or frame choice. I don't want to watch a show that has the same transition throughout and I don't want to see the fancy backgrounds. I like a simple photo with random transitions. If I want a particular transition on a particular photo I can do that as well. 2. When making a choice for sound, I can specify whether or not it is for this photo only, this photo onward, or for the entire show 3. Change the speed for an individual photo or from that photo onward 4. When previewing you can choose to start at the beginning or from a particular photo 5. When inserting a caption you can choose the animation for that text. I don't want to edit my shows but they only exist on the web now. I had to erase them in order to make room to make more. If I download them into PS6 they lose some of the function that I spent hours accomplishing. I want to download them back into PS5 so I can make av files, html files, etc. Tech support hasn't been able to help. Maybe support for PS6 will be better. Thank you for your help.
  2. I upgraded last year from Comcast version to Roxio's premium. When I open Photoshow 5, it says Roxio. I have both versions on my PC - Roxio Photoshow 6 (which has less function than 5) and Photoshow 5. When I try your directions, if the show was created with 5, when I edit I get the message warning that it was created with an earlier version of Photoshow and I may lose information. "Save"puts in on my hard drive but that My Photoshow folder is used by Photoshow 6. It doesn't show up in 5. When I edit in Photoshow 6 anything created in 5 I lose the music and transitions . That's why I need to download them back into 5. You're right, the mp4 isn't what I need it's not editable. Thank you for responding.
  3. I would like to recover a photoshow that is on the web and download it back into Photoshow on my desktop. Can anyone help? A while back support told me to the following but I cannot find "received shows"anywhere. 1. Visit the photoshow you would like to download back into Photoshow 5 2. Click on the "Share"tab below your show 3. Click on the Ëmail"option in the "share by"menu 4. Email the Photoshow to your own email address 5. Open Photoshow 5 6. Click on the "Manage"tab 7. Click on the "Received Shows"Option I don't see a "Received shows"option. Thank you
  4. jlbvt

    Problem With Image Database

    I searched the knowledge database before posting and didn't see anything.
  5. jlbvt

    Problem With Image Database

    I upgraded from Comcast Photoshow Deluxe to Premium Photoshow and for a while all was great - no more problems with Photoshow & Vista. However, using upgraded Photoshow 5 I received a message: image database for this user account does not exist. Do you want to create a new one? I've been waiting for support to answer my question but since I haven't heard from them I thought I would try here. Is there anything I can do that will save me from losing all my photoshows? Do I click yes to create the new database? or uninstall -reinstall? or reinstall over the current? There's no way I'm going to renew a subscription to a product where I can lose everything I've done. Also concerning the image database, I've read that photoshows are stored in My Pictures but I've never been able to find anything there or anywhere else on the computer that resembles a photoshow. Could it be a hidden file? Thanks
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    Picture Size For Photoshow

    Thsnks for the quick reply. Yes, I am a former Comcast Photoshow user and just upgraded to the premium account. I mostly use 5.1 but use version 6 to make DVD's. Here is an example. The original photo size is 3264 x 2448 x 16 million, 2.39 mb at 180 pixels/inch. I usually edit the pictures before including them in a show. In order to save space but still get the optimal resoultion for shows viewed both on computer and on tv, what would you recommend resizing it as when I save the edited picture? Thank you.
  7. jlbvt

    Picture Size For Photoshow

    I, also, would like to know the recommendations for preparing photos to be used in a photoshow. Before importing into photoshow I use PSP to edit my photos. Is it best to resize the original photos and if so, what dpi and what pixel dimensions are recommended. I also plan to create dvd's for viewing on tv. It appears to me that the quality of the photo when viewed online is not quite as good as when I view it in the desktop application. When a photoshow is created for upload, does Photoshow do anything to change the pictures? I hope I posted in the correct place as I'm a new forum user. Thanks