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    Encoding Fails

    Encoding does not begin after I have dragged video files (eyetv )into the window in toast titanium and pressed the record button. The intention is to burn a DVD. I have a MacPro with OSX10.6.4 and use a LaCie burner.
  2. e_o

    Burning Eyetv Files To Dvd

    I have the following equipment: MacPro,OSX10.6.4 LaCie burner. I download video files using EyeTV.and burn the eyetv files. The resulting DVD looks ok but can not be played on my Sony DVD recorder. .In the toast window under the heading DATA I select DVD-ROM (UDF), There are only 5 items to select between and no optionals. I drag å few eyetv files into the big window, load a blank disc. and pres record. I hope you have a solution. Kind regards Erik Olsen
  3. I have recieved recordnow very fast after ordering it. However I have not been abel to install it. When I mount it on my macPro OSX10.5.6 a window with 18 files opens up and among them 2 Graphic Converter files , but whatever I try I can't come further. I hope someone can help me. Erik Olsen