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    How Can A Dot Toast File Be Changed To A Dot Dmg File?

    Thank you tsante! I first wanted to try your suggestion on my iMac, so I did this: 1. Made a copy of the .toast file and put it in another folder. 2. Changed .toast to .dmg 3. Double-clicked the .dmg file, and it opened Toast, which mounted the file! 4. Quit Toast and unmounted the disk image. 5. Did a Get Info on the .dmg file, and even tho the file said .dmg, Get Info knew that it was really a .toast file. 6. Used the Get Info panel to change the Open With... to something else. There was an app called "DiskImageMounter.app" and I selected it. 7. Closed the Get Info panel, double-clicked the .dmg file, and it mounted the image!!! 8. Did a Find File for "DiskImageMounter.app" and found that it was in CoreServices which is part of an old Mac OS that I had squirreled away. It was NOT in my current Mac OS 10.5.6, but I figured that there must be something equivalent in the current OS that does the same thing. 9. I ZIPed Toast and the DiskImageMounter.app, and trashed the originals. 10. Double-clicked the .dmg file, and "something" mounted the image. Although the Get Info was still set to Open With "DiskImageMounter.app" I don't think that was what opened it.
  2. I would like to be able to send a .toast image file to someone who does not have Toast. Is there a way to change a .toast image file to a .dmg image file? Or is there a way to mount a .toast image file without using Toast? Thanks.