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    Photoshow By Roxio

    I had exactly the same problem with PhotoShow 5 failure to "connect to the Internet" and thought perhaps it had to do with trying to incorporate my own MP3 music, which it allows you to add to the show, but when I started having this problem and contacted Roxio LiveChat I am now told that you cannot use purchased music because it's a "copyright infringment." So, what's the point of being able to add your own MP3 music if they then prevent you from using it??? Their "music library" may be fine for one or two PhotoShows but after making several, they all start to sound the same! It's really a joke. I hesitate trying to reinstall the PhotoShow 5 in order to get it to "connect to the Internet" as I might just be making a bad problem even worse, if that's possible. And PhotoShow 6? Evidently you can only use ONE music selection per show!!! Yeah, that's just great . . . listening to the same song over and over again for ten or fifteen minutes. Talk about a "broken record!"
  2. DAinVA

    New Features On Photoshow

    You can add your own MP3 music now . . . but only ONE selection per show??? That's ridiculous!!! Just imagine listening to the same song over and over again for ten or fifteen minutes!! At least with PhotoShow 5 you can use more than ONE song per show. It's just that with the rather limited library of songs, all your shows start to sound alike. Does not allow for much creativity. If PhotoShow 6 is supposed to be an upgrade or improvement, it should certainly allow for more flexibility and creativity, not less!
  3. After adding my own MP3 music selections and then trying to watch, or playback, the PhotoShow I receive an error message that tells me PhotoShow must first connect to the Internet in order for the show to playback using my MP3 music. After automatically attempting to do this I then get three options: Try Again, Watch the show without the (MP3 music) files or Cancel. The system never allows the connection to the Internet and therefore I cannot create the PhotoShow to burn to a DVD using my own MP3 music. Any help would be very much appreciated. I've tried getting help from Roxio Customer Support but no luck! (Thought about upgrading to the new design PhotoShow (is this version 6?) but notice there doesn't seem to be the flexibility to edit or add more than one music selection to a show as with PhotoShow 5.)