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  1. Thanks, I had an earlier version (7). I noted references to the clean install process in other forum issues and will give that a go when I get some time. I'll also give the driver update a go. Thanks again
  2. Sorry for the delay. I've been travelling. I had the problem using Videowave and only had the 5 menu styles. The screen is as the graphic you attached. Changing the selection to 'all' did no good. When I try to open My DVD I get an error message indicating I need to activate a codec for mpeg-2. When I click ok to activate the codec I get an error saying 'bad permission' and My DVD closes. I installed to C: drive but didn't disable the anti virus. I'm operating a HP Compac laptop with screen resolution at 1280 x 800. I'm not tech savvy enough to answer the other questions about the video card etc. I went back to videowave and did the tools: options: dot near software thing and the effects have appeared. I'm grateful for the assistance. Curiously, the codec problem happens on opening Videowave as well but the result of clicking through the 'bad permission' dialogue doesn't abort the program load. Any insights for a rank amateur?
  3. Thanks. I installed from a single disk. There was no other disk and I wasn't prompted to deal with 'content' seperately as I was when I installed version 7. I's appreciate any advice on where to find the content and how to install.
  4. there is no content to be selected when I go looking for a text effect or a transition or a video effect. I get the dialogue box with "There are no items to show in this view" Can anyone help?