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    Cannot Play Dvd's

    Thanks for the replies. I'll give Dell a call. I had thought I could get a copy of the files I needed from Roxio, but your OEM statement hit me square in the forehead. Duh. Requested a set of backup discs from Dell. We'll see how that goes. Thanks again for your input.
  2. IrwinII

    Cannot Play Dvd's

    As for the Blackberry, it is running file as I uninstalled the DM with MM and then installed DM WITHOUT MM, but the damage had already been done and I get the message in the original post.
  3. IrwinII

    Cannot Play Dvd's

    I am having the same problem as RonRock in another thread. I am quoting him here as it is the same problem I am having. "Something has happened. When I open Windows Media Player to view a video. I get an installer open up and attempts to configure Sonic CinePlayer Pack. It runs to a point where it can not find a folder "CPDECPACK.msi" it searches my Temp folder and it is not there. I can cancel out and WMP works but how can I fix this? I have found Sonic CinePlayer in Add and Remove Programs in Control Panel, it has a Repair option. When I attempt a repair I see the same installer error. How can I find a working version of CPDECPACK.msi?" I believe the problem began when I installed Media Manager for my Blackberry. I later installed my Blackberry Desktop Manager without Media Manager because of the conflicts with the Roxio programs already installed on the pc. I have Roxio Creator 9 XE which came installed on my pc from Dell. Dell support has ended and I cannot find the installation files for this program anywhere on my pc or on the discs that came from Dell. How should I proceed at this point? How do I get the files I need to reinstall the program?