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  1. Well now this is really odd. I just purchased, downloaded and installed NXT 4 and it also doesn't recognize any audio files! How does one get this to work??
  2. I have no idea! Nothing that I am aware of. I am running Windows 10 however, this has worked prior in Windows 10. It's been a while since I've used this Roxio feature so a restore is not going to help. The audio files are .mp3 files that I ripped from my CDs.
  3. I'm unable to open .mp3 or other audio formats in NXT Pro 3 Sound Editor. This use to work. I get the following message: "does not exist or is not a supported audio file" I've also tried .wav and .wma and the same thing happens? As mentioned, this used to work.
  4. fingers

    Why Doesn't Sound Editor Open .wav Files?

    I created the wav files within Cubase. They are the mixdown of our band's performance. I guess I could always do what I need to do with them in Cubase however, I am really new to Cubase and find moving around within cumbersome. I am however familiar with Roxio. All I want to do is truncate them and ad a Fade in and Fade out.
  5. fingers

    Why Doesn't Sound Editor Open .wav Files?

    right clicking on the files and selecting Properties \ Details only shows the following: 2116 kbps Wave Sound 28.2 MB
  6. Doesn't Roxio Sound Editor open .wav files? Whenever try to open a wav file it gives me an error message The file (name of. wav file) doe not exist o is not a supported audio file. The wav files I am trying to open in Sound Editor play just fine in all players.
  7. fingers

    How To Import A .cif File Into Roxio 2011

    Not sure I understand the question. These are mixed audio CDs I made using an earlier version of Roxio EZ CD Creator. Back then the image files were created as .cif extensions. How do I convert these to .iso files using Roxio 2011?
  8. I have some .cif files that I created a number of years ago with previous versions of Roxio EZ CD Creator. How can I convert these to .iso files in Roxio 2011?
  9. This is maddening!!! Can't find anything online on how to do this, can't find anything in the HELP file on how to do this. Everyting I find is how to burn from an .iso file... not how to create one. I want to create an .iso file from a mixed CD that I have made. How does one create an .iso file using Roxio 2011? Thanks
  10. I have created my movie from mutliple video clips and now want to ad a FADE IN at the beginning and a FADE OUT at the end. I don't see anywhere where I can do this. How is this accomplished? Thanks
  11. I am trying to make a video of both still images and video files. Is this not possible in Creator 2009?
  12. What other Roxio software do you use for your slide shows?
  13. I downloaded Audacity and added both files. However, nothing in the edit menu is clickable in order to follow the instructions of how to splice the tracks together and their Forum site never comes up.
  14. I just upgraded from the PhotoShow that came with NERO to Roxio PhotoShow. The previous versions would allow you to add multiple tracks of music to a slideshow. That function appears to be no longer available in version 6?