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    Popcorn 1.0.3 slows down Mac Pro

    Well, I got the disc to burn. Saved the file as a disc image. But it is still very slow. I suppose v02 will fix that. Thanks!
  2. molocono

    Popcorn 1.0.3 slows down Mac Pro

    I'm running Popcorn 1.0.3 on a Mac Pro 2.66. When the application is in the process of compressing a file, my machine slows down incredibly. It almost freezes the computer. Could anyone tell me why this happens? Then when the file is finally compressed, I get an error message saying that it cannot write it to the disc. What gives?
  3. molocono

    Difficulty burning CD-ROM

    Hello! I have what I believe to be a CD-ROM. It contains a Flash presentation, which I need to make copies off. I have been able to make copies in different ways, but the discs will only play on the Mac that I created them on, not on PCs (which I need). Could anyone help me out with this? Thanks!