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    Toast Titanium 10 Pro

    Hi Jack, There is poor documentation from roxio on this. When you first open the software, you should see a toast 10 pro folder under the first folder toast 10 that you transfer to the applications files. Click on that folder and transfer to the applications file just like you did for the first folder (toast 10). I found this out the hard way, since there was customer support at roxio via the phone numbers that were provided. I've now burned three avchd discs with no problem. HTH.....Semperfi
  2. semperfi

    Poor Customer Service

    Having purchased toast 10 pro at an apple store 140 miles away, then finding out that that it does not contain the hd/blue ray plugin as advertised, is bad enough. Finding out that I'm supposed to travel 280 miles to return the garbage is outrageous. That's how roxio's so called customer service operates. The updated downloads don't even work. I get a message that the decompression failed after four attempts. BTW, just how am I supposed to return software to apple after it has been opened? This is the worst software package that I've ever purchased, and roxio doesn't stand behind it. It's supposed to have two discs in the package according to the posts I've seen on this site. My sealed package had only one disc with two different product keys for the same disc!! People at roxio's customer service just left it for me to try and straighten out. When you try to call tech support, the number has been disconnected!! Is this typical of roxio to treat a customer in this shabby manner?
  3. semperfi

    Poor Customer Service

    Thanks to all, I think digital guru got it right on his first reply. His second reply should have been addressed to the other fellow, but no harm done and thanks for the help. You were a lot more helpful than the woman at roxio. I was able to get the hd feature to work to a limited extent. First disc burned fine in hd, but playback on my pioneer bd player did not work. BTW, I did try to download roxio toast pro, but it would not download properly. That's why I drove to st. louis and the apple store. I tried to work with the people at roxio on the download, but their phone number for tech support was "disconnected" with no further info for another number. Sales people weren't helpful either. The other bad thing is not being able to get the software updates downloaded. I always get a message toward the end that the "decompression failed." Hello Ivan, The update was about 408 mb according to the software update on the roxio website. I would try to download ( via satellite link which takes forever) and get to about 380 mb downloaded and then the message "decompression failed" would appear......Thanks for your help.