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    Importing m2v an ac3

    This is precisely what I want...but Toast hangs when I start the project. The streamclip author responded to an email and said that his guide warned of this with toast 6. He said it also occurs with 7. But you said that you have had success with this? Perhaps I have a bad file. I'll try again with something smaller. Oh the 42 hours was encoding Seabiscuit to h.264 HD mp4 which I understand is always slow on a mac. But seriously it was about 3.5 days.
  2. yhwhlives

    Importing m2v an ac3

    I am using a samsung t-165 and Virtual dvhs from apple. it isn't as elegant as the eyetv set up and it seems to work only after i randomly hit a bunch of different buttons. never can remember which sequence adds up to success. but then i use mpeg streamclip which seems to work but i havent had enough success with the files it produces to give it thumbs up yet. i made some hd quicktime files which encoded in a scant 42 hours on my G4. the resultant .mov files are in hd with 5.1 sound but i have to wait 2 or 3 years before a processor is made that will play them smoothly. all i want is to be able to save the hd programs with reasonable good video quality maybe 720 x 480 and keep the dd 5.1 sound.
  3. yhwhlives

    Importing m2v an ac3

    Thanks for the response. Yes I thought it would be that easy. There is surely something wrong with the demuxed m2v file. I did burn it and, as I suspected, it came out sequential. The video followed by the audio. The video played in something like slo motion so maybe that is why Toast reported that it would be a 58 minute length (when the source was 42) I then tried it with a 'headed MPEG' file. THis caused Toast to hang. I am currently encoding it to an avi file with (supposedly) ac3 passed directly. We'll see..
  4. yhwhlives

    Importing m2v an ac3

    Hi. I am trying to burn a dvd from an hd source. MPEG Streamclip is able to demux the hd stream into two files: an m2v and an ac3. supposedly, if i import these into toast 7 it will burn it. but when I do, the m2v file says that it is 58 minutes long and the ac3 file is 42 minutes long. the 42 minutes is correct because I removed the commercials from it. the 58 minutes is probably the original length of the show. (house md) and toast adds the two times together and i am afraid it is going to burn the two sequentially instead of in synch. so, if anyone has some knowledge of burning a dvd from such files please help. the object is to save a tv show from an hd source onto a dvd in standard def but retaining the dolby digital sound. thats not asking too much is it? thanks,jd