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  1. I purchased a copy of Roxio Creator 2009 along with the USB capture device over a week ago. I downloaded the software and I received an email indicating that the USB device was in the mail. I was given a US Postal Service tracking number. I went to the USPS tracking site, http://www.usps.com/shipping/trackandconfi...trackandconfirm and entered the number that was given to me. The resulting message is "There is no record of this item". I then logged into http://findmyorder.com/roxio and followed the Track Shipment link, in my case LJ001590365US and ended up with the message "The page cannot be found". I'm not quite ready to say that the item wasn't shipped, but it would be nice to be able to track this package especially if a tracking number was given to me. Has anyone else had this experience? I also emailed the customer service explaining the situation and the response I received were instructions to log into the order page and click on the tracking number. Well I did that and I put this detail in the email. So they were of no help at all. If there is any Roxio/Sonic Solutions person out there, what the heck is going on?